Kate Middleton WILL be Princess of Wales when William takes over from Charles, say experts

Kate Middleton becomes the princess of Wales when her husband, Prince William, takes over the title of Prince Charles, royal experts have said.

This is after Charles attended secret meetings in preparation for becoming King, the Daily Star Online reported. It was also reported that as Charles prepares to take charge of the queen, Prince William prepares to take his father’s place as heir to the throne. William will also allegedly own Prince Charles’ estate worth about £ 1 billion, as well as the Duke of Cornwall title when he puts on his shoes.

Kate Middleton WILL be Princess of Wales when William takes over from Charles, say experts

But royal experts told the Daily Star Online when Charles took the throne, he will probably also give William his current title of Prince of Wales.

This title is seen more as an “honor” for heirs to the throne, but will then have enormous significance for his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.

When her husband becomes Prince of Wales, she automatically takes the title of Princess of Wales.

This was the title that was famously used by Princess Diana, but was not taken over by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, when she married Charles.

Kate Middleton WILL be Princess of Wales when William takes over from Charles, say experts

Camilla chose not to take the title because of the potential tumult of Diana’s millions of fans around the world.

Royal commentator Robert Jobson told the Daily Star Online: “If William gets the title from his father when Charles is king, Kate becomes the princess of Wales.

“Camilla chose to use one of Charles’ other titles, which is why she is HRH The Duchess of Cornwall in England and Wales.

“Camilla would like to be styled HKH The Princess of Wales it could be.”

He added: “The title has nothing to do with her (Kate). She gets it as William’s wife.

“He will only get it if his father grants him the title. There is nothing automatic about it. Only 21 men have held that coveted rank in history.

“Charles is the last to be achieved at 10. The title” Prince of Wales “is one of the great continuities of English and Welsh and, more recently, British history.

“The incumbent has no formal public role or responsibility imposed by parliament, but the bearer of the title is usually the next in line with the heir to the throne or heir.

The title, which falls within the gift of the ruling sovereign, is granted to the heir as a personal dignity, and the Count of Chester title is always given to the heir in conjunction with the recipient.

“It is not given automatically and the title is not hereditary either. It is seen as a great honor.”

Joe Little, editor-in-chief of the royal publication Majesty Magazine, also said that Kate will take the title of Princess of Wales, of which William will almost certainly be Prince of Wales.

He said, “Yes, she will (become Princess of Wales), is the short answer.

“William’s process of becoming Prince of Wales is not automatic, but will certainly happen.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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