Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin Fans Find a Way In

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin Fans Find a Way In

Kate Gosselin, mother of Kate Plus 8, does not seem to have the spirit to move away from the virtual reprimand after Jon Gosselin’s recent flash criticism of parenting. These reprimands consist of condemnable online comments directed against the famous mother of reality TV.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin Fans Find a Way In

The Kate Plus 8 matriarch has not published anything new on her Instagram account for almost two months. But fans seem so disturbed by Jon Gosselin’s recent allegations that Kate Gosselin’s fans jump on her old messages to reprimand the eight-year-old mother.

Despite messages from a few months ago, fans clicked on this TV mother’s Instagram account. They jumped at the old messages to send a message to Kate. It seems that some Kate Plus 8 fans feel so compelled to squeeze their virtual fingers against Kate that they have jumped on several social media sites.

Jon Gosselin said he was under a restraining order for almost a decade as part of their divorce agreement. This order prohibits Jon from speaking publicly about his ex-wife or their marriage. This order expired this year and Jon didn’t remember the adventure of his former reality TV star.

In a recent television interview, Jon said that his ex was physically and emotionally abusive to their children. He alleged that the mother of Kate Plus 8 had used the children as a means of glory and money. One of Jon’s most horrific accusations was about Kate’s treatment of their son, Collin Gosselin.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin Fans Find a Way In

Jon Gosselin Accusations Go Viral

The mother made famous by TLC brought Collin Gosselin into the Fairmont Institute of Behavioural Health for three years. Jon says it took him two years to find out where she placed their son. Then it took another year of legal battles and red tape to get custody of her son and bring him home.

The ex-husband of the celebrity Kate Plus 8 described how Collin Gosselin became a disadvantage for Kate. His only diagnosis is ADHD, a common diagnosis in children who sit in regular classrooms across the country.

But yet, Jon said that his ex-spouse had been hired by Collin Gosselin instead of taking care of their son. Jon says that this Kate Plus 8 mother left her son there, visiting very few times in the three or more years that Collin stayed at the facility. He was alone, without family in this place, which Jon calls “inhuman”.

Kate Plus 8: Becomes Face Of ‘That’ Parent

In the last few weeks, Jon didn’t contain anything during the interviews he took part in. Due to accusations, it now seems that the celebrity Kate Plus 8 was transformed into a different role for some fans.

Some of the comments that criticize this famous mother come from adults who endured a childhood similar to that of Collin Gosselin. The previous publication seemed to hit home for a follower of the Gosselin family. The person describes how an institution did more harm than good in his case.

The family matriarch refuses to address any of the comments coming from her ex. She claims that one day soon, she will reveal the true truth behind the family. It seems that fans were forced to comment on Jon’s reports about Kate Gosselin and her upbringing. They seemed driven to find any port in this storm where they could leave a reprimand she could see.

This controversial mother and her children have not been on the air for their Kate Plus 8 program since 2017. But in addition to Kate Gosselin starring in a dating program earlier this year, they recently did a Kate Plus 8 special on TLC.

The family joined to tour college campuses with 19-year-old twin daughters Gosselin, Mady Gosselin and Cara Gosselin. TLC made this trip a special reality. During the shoot, the television mother addressed Hannah’s absence from the show saying she chose not to come. She never mentioned anything about Collin not being there and the fans were furious.

The consensus of fan comments seemed to suggest that Collin Gosselin is like the forgotten child for this reality mom Kate Plus 8.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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