Keanu Reeves got stranded in California, then went on a road trip with strangers

We now live in a new era of Keanu Reeves. After the Matrix trilogy, his career ended, and he began to become more known for the “Sad Keanu” meme than his presence on the screen after a photo of him solemnly sitting on a public bench went viral. And that wasn’t the only meme that went around.

It became a major part of the internet culture for so long that Sad Keanu had several twitter accounts and websites, while the real Keanu even spoke about the strange viral fame in an interview on television. “Do I wish I hadn’t taken my photo while eating a sandwich on the streets of New York?” said the actor. “Yes.”

In the years since the Sad Keanu incident it has changed slightly. Now Reeves’ John Wick series is derived from a strong cult following to have a really huge fan base, and he has made it clear that he is doing well – and giving it back to others.

The actor was recently on a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Burbank, LA on the weekend, but the trip did not go well. The plane had to make an emergency landing in Bakersfield, about 100 miles far from their destination.

You could expect Reeves to take an expensive car service and leave, and nobody would blame him, but instead he joined the common people and tried to find a working solution for everyone.

Keanu was the center of attention, as you would probably expect. And he is not ready yet.

In the end, they left with a minibus, where Keanu asked them all to go ‘with him’ instead of waiting for hours before the baggage officers arrived.

He then entertained them all on the ride by giving them trivia about the area they were walking through, and finding the specific local brand of country music to listen to on their journey.

At the end of the compiled video Keanu shakes hands with one of the departing passengers and says “it was a pleasure to meet you”. Shortly thereafter, he was also dropped off, wandering in a Carl’s Jr. hamburger tent.

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