Kellyanne Conway: Dem impeachment probe is incurable ‘flawed process’ despite House vote

Kellyanne Conway: Dem impeachment probe is incurable 'flawed process' despite House vote

President Kellyanne Conway’s adviser claimed that despite Thursday’s House approving President Trump’s sediment investigation, the ongoing trial is still contaminated because of the way it started.

Conway hurled Democrats for conducting a study that lacks two-part support, and that began with weeks of private interviews with closed doors.

“You cannot cure what has been a flawed trial from the beginning,” Conway told Fox News Sunday, and added, “The vote in the House makes no difference in terms of a flawed trial that somehow open and transparent. “

Trump has been accused of asking Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to assist in investigating alleged actions of the Democrats during the 2016 elections, as well as former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, who were members of the Ukrainian administration energy company Burisma Holdings.

The investigation of accusation focused on a telephone conversation on July 25 between Trump and Zelensky, as well as communication between American and Ukrainian officials before and after the conversation. Democrats have accused Trump of using military aid as leverage to press Ukraine to assist with the investigation. Both Trump and Zelensky have denied that some pressure was exerted on Ukraine.

“They have not seen evidence of a high crime or crime,” Conway insisted, explaining that this is why no GOP representative voted for the investigation of allegations.

Conway also pointed to the lack of support from two parties as a contradiction to a statement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in May 2018.

Pelosi then said that the accusation “had to consist of two parties to move forward.”

“This is not like Nancy Pelosi promised and promised,” said Conway.

Later in the program, Rep. Jim Himes, D-Conn., That the reason Republicans opposed it for fear of President Trump’s backlash, and claimed that a biased probe was necessary because of Trump’s “abuse of power” and “a level of corruption here that eliminates the Nixon accusation looks like child’s play. “

Host Chris Wallace raised President Trump’s opposition to democratic subpoenas by current and former government officials. Now that the House vote has taken place, Wallace Conway asked if Trump stopped trying to block the witnesses to testify.

“The president has every right to exercise executive privileges,” said Conway.

When specifically asked if Trump would tell former national security adviser John Bolton not to appear when he receives a summons, Conway said she “wasn’t sure if the president spoke to Ambassador Bolton.”

Himes later said he believes that Bolton, reportedly cited as referring to Trump’s request for Ukraine to investigate his political opponents as a “drug deal,” has already been summoned, but the democrat said he was not sure.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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