Kevin Hart Net Worth 2019 – The $950 million comedian

Since his break-up stand-up special I am A Grown Little Man, in 2008 comedian Kevin Hart has been everywhere. The native of Philadelphia played a star in films including Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Night School, Think Like A Man, the sequel and a lot of others. According to his IMDB, Hart has planned at least six new projects for release in 2019, including sequels for both Jumanji and The Secret Life of Pets – and that’s just his filmography.

Hart is also an executive producer, had his own television series, The Real Husbands of Hollywood, and he continued to do stand-up. Although he has worked tirelessly in the industry since putting a recurring role on Judd Apatow’s series, Undeclared in 2001, the past decade has been good for Hart’s legacy and his wallet. But is he the richest comedian in history?

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Kevin Hart’s net worth

According to Go Banking Rates, Kevin Hart is worth an amazing $ 120 million. In 2017 alone, Forbes reported that the comedian brought home $ 57 million, a highlight of his stand-up work and film roles. Hart’s intense work ethic and dedication to his profession have only increased, even when a false scandal in 2017 threatened his position as an A-lister in the entertainment industry. Always optimistic and interactive when it comes to his fanbase and others in the industry, Hart has not only focused on his talent, but also on his ultra likeability. He has also been super smart in expanding his brand, earning endorsements from Nike and the underwear brand, Tommy John. He also has his own streaming service – Laugh Out Loud, which debuted in August 2017 in collaboration with Lionsgate.

Between 2015 and 2016 alone when Hart appeared in Get Hard, The Wedding Ringer, Central Intelligence and Ride Along 2, he earned more than $ 90 million. When Time Magazine called the father of three one of the world’s most influential 100 people, legendary comedian Chris Rock called his friend: “The biggest stand-up comedian in the country [and] a new kind of cool. No keep-a- distance-from-the-public kind of cool, but a cute, show-your-wart kind of cool. “

But with $ 120 million in the bank, Kevin Hart is the richest comedian in history?

The $950 million comedian

Sorry, Kevin, that honor goes to Jerry Seinfeld. Yes indeed, the comedian from your favorite 90s sitcom is worth nearly $ 1 billion. To be honest with Kevin Hart, Seinfeld has been in Hollywood much longer. Much of the Brooklyn resident’s money comes from Seinfeld and from his lucrative syndication. However, the comedian is not a quick pony. He has also made a lot of dough as a bestseller author and public speaker.

Just like Hart, Seinfeld has also been smart enough not to put himself in a box. In 2008, he made a $ 10 million endorsement deal with Microsoft to create only a handful of ads. Although Seinfeld is now in his sixties, he doesn’t seem to be slowing down a bit. His latest TV adventures were Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and The Marriage Ref. Between June 2017 and June 2018 alone, Seinfeld earned $ 60 million.

Still, because Kevin Hart is 25 years younger than Seinfeld, we think he has a chance to give the older comedian a run for his money.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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