Kids Who Do Regular Chores Are Reportedly More Successful As Adults

Have you ever recruited your child to take out the trash? Fold the laundry? Wipe the floor? While some parents feel guilty causing their children to do their daily chores, experts say it can have a positive effect on their success later in life.

Here’s the thing: chores are something that all adults have to do. It is not something that all adults want to do, but they must be done anyway. So if you teach children the importance of doing the dishes and such at a young age, they are more likely to develop a deeper understanding in adulthood. At least, that’s what expert Julie Lythcott-Haims, former dean of first-year students at Stanford University and author of How to Raise a Adult, tells us.

“By having them do odd jobs – removing the garbage, doing their own laundry – they realize that I have to do the work of life to become a part of life,” she says in her TED lecture . “If children do not do the dishes, it means that someone else does it for them. And so they are not only freed from work, but also learning that work must be done and that each of us must contribute to improvement of the whole. “

She also says that children who grow up with odd jobs actually become better employees as soon as they start a career. And she is not the first to evoke this fact.

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Marty Rossmann from the University of Mississippi used data collected over the course of 25 years to see if chores done when a child was 3 or 4 could positively influence them when they were in their twenties. The answer? Yep! She discovered that the children who helped sweep Cheerios off the ground or scrub the baked tomato sauce from a pot were more likely to have more successful careers and relationships. It also gave them a sense of giving them a sense of empathy as adults.

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The problem is that many parents don’t let their children do odd jobs – only about 28 percent of adults, according to a 2014 Research by Braun Research. They found that their children were already too busy at school and extracurricular activities and did not WAN to burdening them.

Experts say that chores are essential. Adults are also busy – and children have to learn at a young age how to balance all the things that life can give them.

“As we become more prosperous as a society, we have expected less and less from our children,” said Nicholas Long, director of the Center for Effective Parenting at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital. “What happens is that we send them to college and they don’t know how to wash their clothes, cook a meal, sometimes even basic things like replacing a light bulb, because we do everything for our children too often . “

So instead of feeling guilty, you can make sure your child is doing well by having them do chores!

Do you let your children do odd jobs? How do you ensure that they are ready? Did you know that chores have such an impact on children when they get older?

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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