Kim Kardashian credits her vegan diet for her fit figure

The figure of Kim Kardashian is without a doubt one of the most famous in the world. The reality star (and aspiring lawyer) was first noticed by her curves when she was put in the spotlight on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Twelve years and four children later, Kim Kardashian looks better than ever. She regularly posts skin-baring selfies on Instagram that sometimes make her end up in hot water with her critics. Kardashian recently came under fire for her ultra-small waist in the Met Gala, where some people claimed that she must have had plastic surgery to get such a small waist. Kim Kardashian addressed the claims on social media and talked about how and why her waist became so small.

Kim Kardashian follows a strict exercise routine

Kim Kardashian

While Khloe Kardashian is known as the Kardashian sister with an addiction to the gym, her older sister Kim Kardashian is not slow when it comes to sports. Kardashian trains with Melissa Alcantara, a bodybuilder and fitness instructor who got her first followers on Instagram. Alcantara brought Kardashian into combat form after the birth of her children, and Kardashian definitely never looked back.

According to Alcantara, she goes to Kardashian’s house six days a week for training sessions. Alcantara has the highest praise for Kardashian’s dedication and drive and says that although she both “loves and hates” the leg days, she is still determined to do the necessary work to achieve results. However, exercise can only do so much, and without following a healthy eating plan, it is quite difficult to see results that are as dramatic as those of Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian credits her vegan diet for her fit figure

Kim Kardashian   vegan diet

Kim Kardashian has followed various diet plans in the past. For a while, she was a strong advocate of the Atkins diet, and she mainly clung to lean proteins such as hummus, Greek yogurt, and lots of vegetables. Recently she changed her eating habits and recently revealed that she is following a vegan diet. She has shared some shots on social media with vegan staples such as breakfastless sausage, avocado toast and fruit.

In fact, Kim Kardashian mentions the diet specifically as the thing that has shrunk her waist. In a recent Instagram clip, Kardashian showed her figure in a tight-fitting dress, while her friend, Anastasia Soare, grilled her over how she got so fit. Kim Kardashian laughed away Soare’s suggestion that she might have had ribs removed and said, “Frankly, helping helps be vegan now.”

Critics believe that Kim Kardashian has gotten surgery

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian can laugh at the idea of ​​plastic surgery that changes the body, but many online critics are not that amused. After her appearance in the Met Gala, where Kardashian wore a tight corset with a waist that seemed to be too small to be real, rumors began to swirl about possible plastic surgery. Many claimed that she had removed ribs to drastically reduce her waist, and some critics stated that there is no way diet and exercise can make such a radical difference.

Alcantara, Kardashian’s trainer, defended her and stated that she personally knows how hard Kardashian is training in the gym, speculation is likely to continue. After all, rumors about plastic surgery are nothing new to Kardashian, who has only ever given in to Botox and fillers, while the majority believe she has had something, from facial reconstruction to blunt implants.

Regarding the small waist of Kardashian, the truth may never be known. Of course, following a vegan diet can help people shed pounds, but can it reduce a person’s waist by many inches? Kardashian wants her fans to believe that it is possible.

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Written by Tommy Kilmer

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