Kody and Meri’s relationship has really taken a turn, and we don’t know how to feel.

Season 13 of the TLC hit show, Sister Wives, has officially ended, but the drama lingers a little longer. Kody Brown, along with his wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn, sat down on Sunday evening for part of Sister Wives Tell All, which is actually a summary of the season, where host SuChin Pak goes deep with the cast about the things that we have seen in recent weeks.

Although we are certain that part two will become even more intense, here are four explosive moments from the first part:

The Browns have moved a shocking number of times.

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Nineteen times to be precise. SuChin brought this forward almost immediately and revealed that the TLC crew asked the women to tell the number without Kody. Once it was revealed, Robyn, who is Kody’s newest wife and only moved the family twice, made it clear that she is ready. “I don’t want to keep doing this, I want my bones to be buried in Flagstaff,” Robyn said.

When asked if Flagstaff, Arizona would remain their permanent residence, Kody was not so sure. “I can’t give any guarantees, but my intention is to make houses here,” he said, encouraging Robyn to shake her head in frustration. “You don’t make any commitment.”

Kody and Meri’s relationship has taken a turn

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Okay, we all know that Kody’s first wife, Meri, has been struggling with the family for the past five years, especially after it was announced that she had been cast online.

Season 13 gave no relief to her and Kody’s relationship, especially after there had been so much drama around a bed and breakfast that Meri wanted to buy. Long story short, you could see how physically uncomfortable Kody and Meri were every time they were together.

Since moving to Flagstaff, it seems like things are going better … maybe? “We are steadily moving in a direction where we are fully recovered,” Kody said. “This is like a new beginning, the past is in the past.”

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That said, Meri was honest that it was disturbing to start over with her husband. “I had to honestly mourn what is gone, but I look to a future and I have hope.”

At the end of it all, we don’t think Kody and Meri live together, but the two definitely have a relationship. “We’re dating,” Kody explained. “We literally ended up in a place that got so dirty … I don’t forget the good times, but I cut off the past. And it’s a new date, it’s a new girlfriend, it’s a new person, and we have a history. “

Christine refused to live with the other wives.

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Earlier in the season, when the family discussed the housing options for Flagstaff, it turned out that Christine would have a hard time finding a place in the two-week period she had. It was revealed that both Janelle and Robyn offered that Christine would stay with them, but refused Kody’s third wife.

“I love these ladies, but do I want to live with them?” No, “she said.” We are different, I know who I am in my own house, but camping in another woman’s house would be so uncomfortable. “

The family is still definitely living far away from each other.

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The brown teenagers appeared on television and revealed that they should make it a point to see each other at school and at the weekend because they all live so far apart.

The sister women have also revealed that they have to find time for each other, and that has not been easy. “It was super hard, I love my house, but it’s too far away from everyone,” Christine revealed. “Sometimes I haven’t seen my family for days.”

Janelle also said that sometimes she is too exhausted to meet her sister’s wives, but knows that this is the only way to keep the family dynamic.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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