Kylie Jenner doesn’t believe that money buys happiness

Kylie Jenner doesn’t believe that money buys happiness

Kylie Jenner is known for showing her wealth on social media and is not afraid to shed light on her billionaire status.

Since Forbes was announced as the youngest home-made billionaire in history, Jenner is certainly not shy about hiding the fact that she is swimming in money.

Although she already has the best things money can buy, the makeup logo has recently revealed that being a billionaire does not always bring her happiness.

Jenner doesn’t believe that money buys happiness

Although many of us would love to have Kylie Jenner’s big fortune, it appears that having so much money is not all it is.

As she sat down with Ellen DeGeneres and her mother Kris Jenner in a recent episode of The Ellen Show, Jenner opened the effect of becoming a billionaire on her life.

After DeGeneres had raised the subject of money and Jenner asked if it had ‘changed’ or given her more freedom, the makeup mover admitted that becoming a billionaire did just the opposite.

“I actually think it was the exact opposite for me,” Jenner said. “It made me realize that I could get a new car at any time, but that happiness only lasts so long.”

“I realized at an early age how important it is to find happiness in my baby and my relationships now,” continued the makeup mover before her mother added, “her mother.”

Although this is the first time Jenner has been talking about money since becoming the youngest self-made billionaire, the reality star has touched the subject in the past.

In 2017, Jenner admitted to her hit E! series Living with Kylie that she had come to realize that the sensation of buying material items does not last very long.

“No one has a perfect life,” she said in the first episode of the series. “The only thing that is different about me or extraordinary is that I have nice things. But what you realize when you get there, when I know I can buy any car or house, is that happiness takes two seconds. That is not my luck. “

Jenner is proud of her success

Kylie Jenner doesn’t believe that money buys happiness

Although the freedom of Kylie Jenner suffered from her billionaire status, she would not change anything she did in her career.

Makeup has always been a passion for Jenner and now that her company, Kylie Cosmetics, is one of the best makeup brands in the world, all her hard work has certainly paid off.

Although billionaire has its pros and cons, Jenner and the rest of her family are extremely proud of how far she has come in life.

Although her famous relatives gave her a “hard time” about her status as a billionaire, Jenner recently shared with DeGeneres that it’s all out of pleasure.

“It’s only when we, I don’t know, when we talk like in a group chat about where to go on a group trip, and then everyone is like” Kylie? “Are you going to pay for it?” Or just things like that, “shared the make-up artist.

Although they are “just kidding me” and there is nothing but “sister love,” Jenner said her family continues to support her and her success.

“They are really very proud of me,” she added.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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