Lauren Duggar has been quite public about her miscarriage

Lauren Duggar has been quite public about her miscarriage

With so many Duggars in the spotlight, it’s hard to know who to follow. But fans seem to really enjoy learning more about Josiah Duggar and his wife, Lauren, as shown on TLC’s Counting On. Although the couple has a lower profile than some of the other famous family members, such as Jinger, Jessa or Jana, fans are still excited to hear more about their baby coming this fall and what their married life is because they tied the knot in 2018.

Aside from their marriage, fans are also aware that Lauren went wrong earlier in 2019. And she recently posted about it on Instagram, which drew some reactions from fans. It seems she wasn’t joking with one commentator, calling them to tell them they didn’t understand her post at all.

Lauren Duggar has been quite public about her miscarriage

The Duggars are known to have many children, and when Lauren and Josiah found out they were pregnant the first time, they were thrilled to have a child of their own. Unfortunately, they had a miscarriage – and although they were silent at the beginning about the incident, Lauren has since spoken out about losing her baby.

“In the beginning we just wanted to stay calm about the news, but we knew that because everyone expects us to announce that we will have a baby, it felt like it was time we told everyone that our first and only baby in heaven , the couple wrote on Instagram. “You can imagine it was devastating for both of us. Our expectations of setting up a baby room, hearing the heartbeat, feeling the baby’s first kick in mom’s belly, holding our little one and seeing our dear baby were – broken. Away. Just before our eyes. “

Now the couple are still expecting a child while they remember their first, as they wrote in this message: “So while we rejoice in the life of our second sweet baby, we also have

She recently made a new post on Instagram about the loss of her baby

Despite the sheer joy of their rainbow baby, Lauren and Josiah still feel a deep bond with their first-born child. And on October 10, Lauren posted a photo of baby clothes on her Instagram with a caption about the awareness month about baby loss. “This month send love to every parent who has lost a baby. Losing a little life at any moment is heartbreaking and devastating and should not go unnoticed, “she began.

Lauren then went on to remind mothers who have lost their babies that they are not alone and that she is standing with them in pain. “For all your moms, yes, even your moms who have their arms never had the chance to hold your babies – you are a mom! Remember that you are loved. You are a warrior. You are not alone. You haven’t forgotten, “Lauren added.

Lauren told a follower that they’re not fully understanding her post

Many fans shared encouraging words with Lauren, but the Counting On star responded back to one of her followers who suggested she was stuck in the past. “Please accept my unsolicited but maternal advice to you … watch out … keep your 1st pregnancy in your heart and move forward with great expectation and excitement for your 1st born child,” wrote the follower. You seem very sad … try to get advice to keep life in perspective, because life is full of heartache and disappointment. “

Then Lauren said back: “Thanks for the advice and the concern, but I think you misunderstood me. I did not write this so that others feel sorry for me or because I am sad. Instead, I write this so that others go out and will be an encouragement and love for mothers of lost little ones. .

Lauren and Josiah will certainly never forget their firstborn, but we are happy to see them so excited that their little girl is coming!

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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