Lauren Sanchez, Jeff Bezos ‘feel free’ after flaunting romance at Wimbledon

Sitting in the Royal Box – and dressed in matching outfits by Brunello Cucinelli – at the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, Jeff Bezos and Lauren kissed Sanchez passionately without any care in the world.

It was the exciting men’s final match of Wimbeldon last Sunday, but just as many eyes were watching the hot and tough pair as the field action.

“They didn’t try to stir anyone up, they were just happy to be together – just like Jeff was uncomfortable when he couldn’t stop Lauren!” Said a Jeff insider from the CEO of Amazon and his wife.

After a whole series of low-key date nights, not to mention the many months they had spent running a clandestine case behind the backs of their respective spouses, the richest man and his ever-unauthorized mistress finally made their public debut.

(After all, you can’t get more audience than sitting three rows behind Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.)

As a friend of the couple told The Post, Jeff and Lauren feel “a ton of bricks has been lifted off their shoulders.”

Lauren Sanchez, Jeff Bezos ‘feel free’ after flaunting romance at Wimbledon

And, as Page Six reported, now that their respective divorces have been completed, the duo are tied to the altar.

“Jeff and Lauren are just so happy and they want the world to know,” said a Lauren friend. “They feel free now.”

According to a second friend of Lauren, the couple does not even think about pre-nups. “Both have more money than they could ever spend, but this doesn’t even register.”

In addition, the second friend said, “Jeff gave up $ 38 billion to be with Lauren.”

“I guarantee that [pre-nup] conversations will come closer to a wedding date, but it’s not even a topic right now.”

The couple, whose sources say they are constantly together, divided their time among Manhattan; Seattle, where they both still have houses in the luxury suburb of Medina; and Los Angeles.

They are said to “nest with birds” with their exes – meaning Jeffs’ four children stay at one house while he or ex-wife Mackenzie gets in or out for days or weeks in succession, and Lauren and her ex, Hollywood- energy officer Patrick Whitesell, do the same with their two daughters. (She also has an 18-year-old son, Nikko, with former NFL player Tony Gonzalez.)

“The nesting of birds is actually better than expected,” said the Lauren friend. “Above all, everyone involved in this brouhaha was concerned about the protection of the children.

“Lauren has a lot of help with the children thanks to Patrick and her family,” the friend added. “She has a huge support system and this allows her to travel with Jeff.”

In fact, things have calmed down so much that it was Patrick who gave Jeff and Lauren the Wimbledon tickets.

jeff bezos lauren sanchez wimbledon
jeff bezos lauren sanchez

“Patrick is… A great man who has a lot of dignity. When the scandal struck and Lauren was slutfully embarrassed, he told friends he didn’t want anyone to attack her,” said a Patrick source.

“His relationship with Lauren is probably better than before the divorce.”

When the couple is in New York City, they feel “very at home,” said the Jeff source. For date nights: “they are really low-key.”

In May they were seen at dinner with Laurens sister Elena in the West Village restaurant Emily, where they shared hamburgers and pizzas. And in June the duo saw Tony-winning Broadway musical “Hadestown.” Prior to the show, they were spotted with a candlelight dinner at the Japanese restaurant O Ya in Kips Bay.

To celebrate July Fourth in NYC, Lauren took her husband for a helicopter ride with which she flew with a co-pilot.

Last week the couple attended Sun Valley – the “billionaire summer camp” in Idaho, which was also attended by power players Tim Cook, Sheryl Sandberg and Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi.

It’s all far away from a few months ago, when multiple sources told The Post that the outrageous romance was “life support,” because the couple stayed apart for 45 days, while controversy and family drama swirled around them.

The family drama at least sat down after the security team responsible for protecting privacy from Jeff Laurens brother Michael had acquitted themselves of any involvement in leaking Jeff’s naked selfies to the National Enquirer.

But insiders said the FBI is still investigating who leaked the photos – which is the key to Jeff’s extortion allegations against AMI, the Enquirer’s parent company.

“The coming months will be interesting,” said the source.

In more than one respect.

Jeff recently purchased three adjoining apartments on 212 Fifth Ave., overlooking Madison Square Park, and has given Lauren a free rein to decorate. She is expected to collaborate with interior designer Trip Haenisch, who designed the houses she shared with Patrick in Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica and Cabo, Mexico.

Regarding Jeff’s ex, Mackenzie, she is now the fourth richest woman in the world, thanks to a divorce agreement that has given her a 4 percent stake in Amazon, which is roughly $ 38 billion.

Mackenzie, a novelist, has already promised to donate half of her fortune to charities, and signed for the Giving Pledge, a philanthropic campaign launched in 2010 by billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett.

(Jeff, worth $ 137 billion, did not sign the Giving pledge himself.)

“Mackenzie is doing well. She is all about her children and a real family man,” said someone informed.

The children of Bezos and Sanchez-Whitesell – who range from 11 years to college age – already knew each other, because the families were all friends before Jeff and Lauren joined.

But there are no plans to bring the families together.

“They want this to happen organically, they don’t push anything to make it happen,” said the Lauren friend about joining the two hatches.

And more than anything, Jeff and Lauren are just happy to be in the open air together.

“It may not be perfect, but they are not looking for perfection,” said the Lauren friend. “They are happy to be able to continue their lives together. Now they can be free without having to worry about anyone. The outside influences have been neutralized.”

And the friend expects the high-flying couple to marry in the not too distant future.

“They are really in love. What you saw at Wimbledon is who they really are,” she said. “They have been through so much that they are together.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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