Lego ‘promoting unrealistic body image’

LEGO was accused of delighting children, squats, yellow bodies with C-shaped hooks for the hands.

The Danish toy company was described by a government regulatory agency as “dangerous” and “irresponsible” after complaints about the unrealistic physical standards of their numbers.

Donna Sheridan, mother of two, said, “My youngest son turned to me yesterday and said,” Mom, I hope I grow up and look like a Lego man. “

“It was heartbreaking. I had to sit him down and explain that his hands will never resemble a half-worn hula hoop, nor will his head develop a circular growth on which different hats and hairstyles can be clicked.

Lego ‘promoting unrealistic body image’

“He was heartbroken. I hope Lego is satisfied with itself. “

Julian Cook, father of three, said, “Lego promotes an aesthetic standard that is simply unattainable to humans. My 12-year-old daughter spends all her time making her body shorter and stronger, and her nose disappears completely.

“I always tell her that she is as beautiful as she is, but she just says, ‘Not as beautiful as a Lego person’.

He added, “How do these Danish bastards sleep at night?”

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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