Lisa Ebberson’s Journey on My 600-lb Life – Where Is She Now in 2023?

Lisa Ebberson's Journey on My 600-lb Life - Where Is She Now in 2023?

Hey guys! If you’ve been watching My 600-Lb. Life, you might have come across Lisa Ebberson’s story, and I’m sure you’re wondering where she is now in 2023. Well, I’ve done some digging to find out the latest on her weight loss journey, so sit back, relax, and let’s dive into her story.

My 600-lb Life: Lisa Ebberson: The Struggle Begins

For those who don’t know, Lisa Ebberson hails from Fairbury, NE, and at the time of filming her episode, she estimated her weight to be 637 pounds. However, fans on Reddit and even Dr. Now himself suspected that she was a lot larger than she claimed. Despite this, they used 637 pounds as her starting point.

My 600-lb Life: Life as a Bedridden Woman

Lisa Ebberson’s circumstances were extremely critical, as she had been restricted to her bed for the last three to four years. She stated that a medical professional had informed her that if she tried to stand on her ankle, the bone would dislodge and penetrate the skin. Despite Reddit users expressing skepticism about the truthfulness of her remark, it is apparent that Lisa faced considerable challenges with her excessive weight and inability to move.

As the episode progressed, it became apparent that Lisa Ebberson was prone to dishonesty and manipulation. For instance, she informed Dr. Now that a therapist had labeled her as overweight and declared they were unable to assist her, a claim later debunked. This made it difficult for her to build trust with both her medical team and the viewers.

Towards the end of the episode, both Lisa and her boyfriend Randy tested positive for COVID-19 and ended up in the hospital. Lisa managed to recover and lose over 80 pounds during her hospital stay. Tragically, her boyfriend Randy didn’t make it, passing away at the age of 62.

My 600-lb Life: Grieving and Seeking Help

Following Randy’s death, Lisa sought help from Dr. Paradise to cope with her grief. He provided advice and support, but ultimately emphasized that time is the best healer. Lisa also received assistance from friends who took turns caring for her 24 hours a day.

Sadly, Lisa never managed to get out of bed or make significant progress with Dr. Now. She had a final phone call with him before cutting ties and quitting his program.

My 600-lb Life: The 2023 Update: Where Is Lisa Ebberson Now?

So, where is Lisa Ebberson now in 2023? Unfortunately, there isn’t much to report. After filming wrapped up in January 2022, Lisa went silent on social media, with her last post being a tribute to her late boyfriend Randy in December 2021.

With no recent public updates and having quit Dr. Now’s program, it’s difficult to say how Lisa’s weight loss journey has progressed. We can only hope that she’s found the support and strength to continue on her path to a healthier life.

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My 600-lb Life: Lisa Ebberson’s Inspiring Journey to Health and Happiness.

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