Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff’s Quest for a New Home

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff's Quest for a New Home

Little People, Big World fans have witnessed the Roloff family’s growth over the years, with the family living on their farm for nearly thirty years. However, after Amy Roloff’s divorce from Matt Roloff, she had to leave the place, which held a lot of memories for her and her family. The separation meant that the LPBW matriarch had to move out of the place she called home for so long. It was a challenging experience to say goodbye to a place that held so many cherished memories, including the weddings of the Roloff children.

After searching for a new place, Amy eventually moved in with her new husband, Chris Marek. However, the couple is now looking for a new property for their future plans. It is evident that the Roloff family’s farm has a special place in Amy’s heart, but she is moving forward with her life and seeking new adventures.

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff’s Quest for a New Home

Amy Roloff, a reality TV star of “Little People, Big World,” purchased a new house after her split with Matt Roloff. However, many fans believe that Matt manipulated her into selling her part of the Roloff farms at a lower price. Despite regretting the decision, Amy is positive and is currently looking for another property with her husband, Chris Marek, who is a real estate agent.

In a recent Instagram video, Amy Roloff expressed her disappointment over losing a suitable property that went pending. However, she remains optimistic and plans to keep searching for a bigger yard and a larger space, which could be a side business plan or for a better home with Chris.

Although Chris initially struggled to adjust to the limited space in their current house, they eventually settled in. Nevertheless, they have a two-three year plan to buy another home. Amy hopes to find the perfect property to meet their needs, even if it means continuing to search for some time.

The speculations about Amy’s search for a new space could be due to her wish to move into a better home with her husband or for rental purposes, similar to her former husband, Matt. Nonetheless, Amy is optimistic and determined to find a new home that fits their needs.

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