Little People, Big World: Lilah Is Almost On The Move

Little People, Big World: Lilah Is Almost On The Move

Lilah Roloff is growing fast! The youngest star of Little People, Big World is now approaching another milestone and already seems to be doing great. Her mum, Tori Roloff, recently shared a couple of pictures on social media showing off her little girl’s latest skills.

Tori Roloff shares a lot of photos on social media of her two children, 4-year-old Jackson and 1-year-old Lilah Roloff. She posts frequently on social media, giving fans a glimpse into everyday life with her two children. And, of course, fans love the photos he chooses to share with them.

Fans think the kids are adorable, so Tori Roloff’s photos always get a lot of attention. In a couple of new posts, Tori has an exciting update to share about her daughter Lilah.

Little People, Big World: Lilah Is Almost On The Move

Tori Roloff has been quite active on her Instagram stories in recent days. A couple of her recent photos have been of Lila. Over the weekend, Tori Roloff posted that Lilah is “so close” to taking her first steps without assistance. The mother sits behind her daughter and holds her as she walks towards her father, Zach.

Lilah tries to walk towards her father but ends up falling on the carpet. In the second picture, on Monday evening, Lilah pushes a walker in the yard. Tori Roloff adds: “Rain won’t keep this girl from practicing her walking!” In the picture, the little girl is wearing a cute bow-tie headband as she cruises barefoot in the yard.

The Roloff family seems eager to see their little girl take her first steps unaided. Although she’s not quite ready yet, she will be soon. It’s likely that Tori will share another update soon and let fans know when Lilah will officially start walking These photos were posted on Tori’s Instagram stories, so fans can’t comment on them publicly and can only view them for 24 hours.

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