Little People, Big World: Matt Makes Amy Roloff a Surprising Offer

Little People, Big World: Matt Makes Amy Roloff a Surprising Offer

Amy Roloff is in the midst of delayed wedding planning due to her pandemic. And luckily for Little People, Big World fans, the TLC cameras were largely rolling during the preparations. In a new trailer for season 22, Matt Roloff makes an offer to his ex-wife that she can’t refuse…. Or can she?

Chris Marek asked Amy to be his wife in 2019. The couple was planning a 2020 wedding, but the coronavirus pandemic had other ideas. As a result, the duo has yet to walk down the aisle. But the wait will soon be over.

Amy Roloff has hinted on social media that the wedding will take place in August this year. She regularly shares wedding planning with her Instagram followers. So far, she’s ticked off wedding dress shopping and a bachelor party. One thing that is still a secret is where the wedding will take place. If her ex-husband gets his way, it could be at a venue familiar to LPBW viewers.

Little People, Big World Matt Makes Amy Roloff a Surprising Offer

TLC has released another teaser promo for the new season of Little People, Big World. In the clip, Amy, Matt, Chris and Matt’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler gather for a chat. During the conversation, Amy Roloff and Chris’ wedding comes up. Unexpectedly, Matt offers to use his former Roloff farm for the wedding.

As viewers know, the farm is something of a sore point for Amy Roloff. She dragged her feet when it came time to move off the farm. She still owns part of the farm and knows that Matt Roloff wants to buy it from her.

So she is surprised by his unusually kind gesture. After some quiet consideration, she says simply: “I don’t know about that.” Fans will have to tune in to see her full response.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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