Little People, Big World: Pumpkin Season 2021

Little People, Big World: Pumpkin Season 2021

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that Caryn Chandler still works at Roloff Farm. The longtime girlfriend of Matt Roloff, Caryn used to run the farm before she and Matt Roloff got together. She recently opened up to fans and told them that she can’t stay away from the pumpkin farm!

Pumpkin season is the busiest time of year for the Roloff farm. Caryn Chandler enjoys spending time there and working with her friends and family. She posted a photo of her with Matt on Instagram with the caption.

Caryn Chandler has been working on the farm for over a decade and even Matt Roloff knows how important she is to the farm. He told fans that Caryn helps run the entire farm and sometimes when Amy Roloff, helps out, it can get a little awkward, but things continue to run smoothly no matter what happens.

Little People, Big World: Pumpkin Season 2021

This year’s pumpkin season was a little better than 2020. Just like other small businesses, Roloff Farms took a hit during the pandemic, but they were able to make up for it with social distance and the fact that the farm is all outdoors. There have been many family members seen at the farm this year and fans of the show are happy to have the opportunity to meet them. Amy Roloff and her new husband, Chris Marek, had a chance to visit the farm and were very pleased with how everything looks this year. The Roloffs’ children and grandchildren have had a chance to visit and some of them are actually helping work on the farm this pumpkin season.

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