Little People, Big World: Tori Interacts With Little People, Big WorldFans İn The Comments

Little People, Big World: Tori Interacts With Little People, Big WorldFans İn The Comments

On Wednesday on social media, LPBW star Tori Roloff shared a new post. The post contains two of her photos with Lilah. Looks like the Little People, Big World family is enjoying some outdoor time in the middle of the coronavirus. Tori Roloff gushes over her five-month-old daughter, saying, “I mean, I really like having a daughter. This girl’s been so much fun lately.”

Little People, Big World fans have no doubt that Tori Roloff loves her son Jackson as much as she loves Lilah. Jackson’s almost three. She also often posts photos and videos of Jackson. But, this particular post is dedicated to Lilah, and fans find it adorable.

In a recent post, with some pictures of Jackson, Tori Roloff says, “He has my heart forever. In that post, she talks about how Jackson has grown up and how she “can’t believe” he’s almost three years old.

Fans think Tori Roloff does a good job of loving her children the same way. And Zach Roloff talks about loving them no matter what. Both kids are diagnosed with dwarfism, but Zach Roloff doesn’t want that diagnosis to define them. The fans really admire Zach and Tori Roloff and their little family.

Little People, Big World: Tori Interacts With Little People, Big WorldFans İn The Comments

With 1.4 million followers, it is not always possible for Tori Roloff to respond to every comment and message she receives. She does have two children, after all. So she usually reviews the comment sections of her posts and responds to a handful of comments. Her followers seem to understand that responding to every comment would be a full-time job.

In one comment, a fan asks about Jackson’s success in potty training. In a recent video, the Little People, Big World family reveals that Jackson learned to potty-train. But that video doesn’t include any of the family secrets. In one comment, Tori accuses “so much patience and quarantine!

Another fan asks Tori Roloff about Lilah sleeping through the night. Tori reveals that things have gotten a lot easier. Lilah sleeps all night “for the most part”. But sometimes she wakes up and wants her pacifier. Tori is happy to share that Lilah no longer needs to breastfeed at night, which helps her busy mommy get more rest.

In addition to asking these questions, Little People, Big World fans comment and gush on Lilah. They think she is absolutely adorable. And, many point out that she looks like her older brother.

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  1. Your family is lucky to have loving parents like you two Tori and Zach. Beautiful loving kids. Will you have or want more? Of course it’s none of our business. Whatever happens I hope we are able to continue keeping up with the Roloffs.

  2. I think you all are the best example of a loving family should be. I am so thankful that I get to share in your happiness for an hour each week!! Thank you TLC – you continue to show us what quality programming really is.

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