Little People, Big World: What’s the Future

Little People, Big World: What's the Future

Little People, Big World fans wonder if Matt Roloff plans to sell his share of the farm. After all, he’s certainly not getting any younger. As he gets older, he’ll need more and more help with the farm chores. But that doesn’t make him love the farm any less.

As we’ve reported before, rumours were circulating that Matt was retiring. Will he soon be stepping down from the Roloff farm?

Matt Roloff, however, laughed off those rumors when he shot them down. He admits that he doesn’t really understand where the rumours are coming from. To be honest, he’s not really sure when retirement will happen. He does, however, have many hopes and dreams for Roloff Farms. Namely, he would like to see his children come together to take over the family fortune. We know that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff were interested in buying part of the property for some time.

Unfortunately, Jeremy Roloff leaked that his offer on the property was rejected. We also know that Zach and Tori toyed with the idea of buying part of the property. But they weren’t quite sure if it was a good idea.

In the end, Matt ended up buying Amy Roloff out of the land. And, he made quite a bit of money from it. So now Matt Roloff is presumed to own all of Roloff Farms. Does he have any interest in selling part of the property to one of his children?

Little People, Big World: What’s the Future

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff were ready to step in. They want to buy a piece of land on a farm where they can settle down and raise their children. They were happy to buy part of the Roloff farm. But for some reason, their offer was rejected.

Fans don’t really know if the offer was too low. Or there was some other reason for the closing. But it certainly doesn’t appear that Matt Roloff has any interest in selling any part of his property at this time.

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Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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