Love After Lockup: Cheryl Childers Looking Loses Too Much Weight?

Love After Lockup: Cheryl Childers Looking Loses Too Much Weight?

Love After Lockup cast member Cheryl Childers looks very thin after drastic weight loss. Fans are worried about her health and safety after seeing her current pictures. Cheryl will appear with Josh Hyatt in the upcoming Life After Lockup season. But based on her recent appearance, many viewers are worried. What’s the last one?

Love After Lockup: Cheryl Childers Looking Loses Too Much Weight?

Love After Lockup celebrity Cheryl Childers appears with Josh Hyatt in the upcoming spin-off season of Life After Lockup. Although she has always been thin, most fans are worried and think she looks thin and sick. Cheryl was slim when she filmed Love After Lockup with former prisoner Josh Hyatt.

This is not the first time Love After Lockup binoculars have seen the weight of a cast member drop drastically. The same thing happened to the troubled star Tracie Wagaman. She had a healthy amount of weight on her when she first got out of prison. But she quickly threw off the pounds at an alarming rate. Much of that weight loss turned out to be due to drug use.

Love After Lockup : Cheryl Childers and Josh Hyatt Split

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Speculations from Josh Hyatt and Cheryl Childers made the rounds, even before their most recent Love After Lockup season came out of the sky. Josh was seen with another woman. And he called his ex a ‘psychopath’. Since they broke up, many viewers were surprised to find out that they would be at Life After Lockup. But it is possible that viewers will see more of what Josh and Cheryl have entered to stop.

There is no indication that Cheryl Childers has a new man in her life since Josh Hyatt. Maybe the stress of that relationship that ends after all the time and the money she puts into it has put her in a bad way. She has encouraged her followers to watch the upcoming spin-off. Many users of Love After Lockup are worried about her. She recently said that she smiles through it. But Cheryl seems to have gotten the shorter end of the stick between her and her ex.

Cheryl and Josh Hyatt Now

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Josh Hyatt seems to have been reflected back from his days of robbing banks. He now has a steady job in Colorado at Soco Roofing. Meanwhile he even showed a new woman in his life – a cute puppy. Josh and Cheryl Childers are still friends on Facebook.

As for Cheryl Childers, she encourages her followers to tune in to the upcoming episode of Life After Lockup. In the meantime, she recently fired her haters online again. She said that the women of Love After Lockup can never do anything right. And that, whatever they do, there will always be something to criticize. She added that her life is “fu * great” and thanked the haters for making that possible. But despite her claims, many viewers are worried about her.

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