Love After Lockup: Josh Hyatt Splits From “Psycho” Cheryl

Love After Lockup: Josh Hyatt Splits From “Psycho” Cheryl

Love After Lockup ‘s Josh Hyatt finally has a new woman in life after his messy split from Cheryl Childers. The reformed bank robber’s had his heart stolen by an adorable little lady. Of course, this new relationship is also a little messy. But maybe not as much as when he was with Cheryl. Keep reading to find out more about the blonde with green-blue eyes who stole Josh’s heart.

Love After Lockup: Josh Hyatt Splits From “Psycho” Cheryl

Although Josh Hyatt was the one behind bars on the show, Cheryl Childers might have been the crazier one. It seems like they split not long after his prison release. Josh and Cheryl’s problems turned out to be more than they could handle. So the Love After Lockup couple reportedly broke up.

His mom accused Cheryl of trying to steal her boyfriend, while no one in Cheryl’s family was too keen on her dating a convict. Recently, Josh Hyatt Cheryl called ‘psycho’ and ‘delusional’, which further proved that the two probably stopped it. But then he also shared a picture of him and “my new girl”.

Josh Has New Job & Younger “Girl” in His Life

One of the toughest things for Love After Lockup cons is finding work once they’re released from prison. There are few companies that hire felons and most of tend to be fast-food jobs and other minimum wage work. However, Josh Hyatt’s gotten himself a pretty sweet job after he was released.

He’s currently working for a roofing company in Fountain, Colorado. Not only that, but the Love After Lockup star brought a new woman into his life. She is a cute brown and white puppy with beautiful eyes. See above, Josh says he’s a “sucker for greenish blue eyes” and calls her his new girl.

Love After Lockup: What’s Next For Josh Hyatt?

Life After Lockup is the latest series from WE tv and a spin-off of their hit show Love After Lockup. And the function of Josh Hyatt and Cheryl Childers in the new season. Cheryl moves to Colorado to work things out with Josh Hyatt.

Watch for that January 3, 2020, at 9 pm. For now, though, Josh Hyatt seems happy with the new lady in his life. Sure, she’s messy, but there’s likely a lot less drama.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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