Love After Lockup: Lacey Torn Between Two Inmates

Love After Lockup: Lacey Torn Between Two Inmates

Love After Lockup star Lacey was seemingly caught wearing two different engagement rings while filming for the show. Lacey was given one ring by Shane Whitlow (Lacey’s now husband) when he proposed to her. But, Lacey was wearing a different ring during the season finale. Did the network not notice the ring change — or did Lacey get a new ring?

Love After Lockup: Lacey Torn Between Two Inmates

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Lacey found herself in love with two men who were serving time behind bars. At first, she was engaged to John Slater. John and Lacey had known each other for a very long time. She even thought that John could be the father of one of her sons. However, while John was in prison, she fell in love with another prisoner, Shane Whitlow. Lacey had said yes to both inmate’s proposals. Which means she had to choose one.

As seen on Love After Lockup, Lacey ultimately chose to be with Shane Whitlow. On the season finale, the couple tied the knot at their beautiful beach wedding. Although her ex John didn’t agree with the marriage, he didn’t show up unexpectedly at the wedding. But this may not be the last of this love triangle. She hinted on social media that she might have been in the spin-off show Life After Lockup.

WE tv Lets Small Detail Go Unnoticed

Lacey would make sure she wore her engagement ring given to her by John Slater when she saw him in prison. However, the Love After Lockup cast member would take off her engagement ring when she was around Shane Whitlow. Although Shane was out of jail, Lacey held off the ring. Finally, Shane introduced her. With so many engagements and rings, the network doesn’t even seem to keep up.

After the last episode of Love After Lockup aired, a fan pointed out that Lacey was seen with a different engagement ring than the one Shane originally gave her. The fan wanted to know “what’s going on with @wetv, they need to pay more attention.” Didn’t WE TV notice she was wearing two different rings?

Love After Lockup Fans React To Lacey Ring Error

It seems like Lacey’s rings caught the eyes of many Love After Lockup viewers. Many fans took notice of the different rings that Lacey wore. One fan wrote, ” I noticed it too.” Which many fans did. But, some fans even thought they saw more than just two used rings. Another fan said that they “noticed three different rings.” Did Lacey lose track of all the rings she received?

On the other hand, some Love After Lockup supporters didn’t see much difference between the two rings. To these fans, both rings looked cheap. One fan said that “they both look like they came out of a crackerjack box.” While another fan stated that she probably wore two different rings because “she loses or breaks them and goes to Walmart and gets another.”

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