Love After Lockup: “Money Woes: Ashley and Travis’s Financial Crisis”

Love After Lockup: "Money Woes: Ashley and Travis's Financial Crisis"

Ashley and Travis, a couple from the reality show “Love After Lockup”, thought they were perfect for each other. Ashley went to great lengths to spoil Travis after he was released from prison, and they lived a lavish lifestyle.

However, Ashley has been hiding a major secret from Travis – she is broke. This is causing a lot of tension between them as she knew that Travis desired a wealthy lifestyle. Ashley must now come clean to Travis about her financial situation and the couple will have to face the reality of their relationship.

The stress of their financial situation will put their relationship to the test and they will discover whether they can handle the stress when the chips are down.

Love After Lockup: “Money Woes: Ashley and Travis’s Financial Crisis”

Ashley of the reality TV show “Love After Lockup” is facing financial difficulties. Her landlord took a large security deposit and two months’ rent, leaving her broke. She has attempted to sell her possessions to try to make ends meet but is still in a financial predicament.

Ashley wants support from her boyfriend Travis but he is preoccupied with other things and is not giving her the emotional support she needs. This causes tension between the couple and Ashley vents her frustration. She reminds Travis that she has been waiting for him for four years and has been providing for him “hand and foot.”

In this episode of “Love After Lockup”, Ashley and Travis are facing financial difficulties. Ashley is struggling with her business and has depleted her assets. She tells Travis that it is time for him to step up and start helping out, but he doesn’t like what she is telling him. Travis reminds her that she led him to believe he would be able to come out of prison and relax for a while. Ashley argues that her business problems are not her fault, but instead due to the pandemic and the economy. The couple is trying to find a solution, but they are struggling to make ends meet with no money and no job.

Written by Meghan Mentell

TV writer
Canadian journalist

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