‘Love After Lockup’ season 2 is wilder than ever

‘Love After Lockup’ season 2 is wilder than ever

Love After Lockup is finishing his second season. The show looks a lot like 90 Day Fiance, but with a twist: half of every couple in the show is a prisoner. All convicts are about to be released, which means these couples are living together for the first time.

It is clear that these couples work a lot against them. As with 90 Day Fiance, many of the couples are living together for the first time. The catch is that this is the first time that half of the couples have lived in society for a long time. Sometimes the convicts have been locked up for decades.

Another agreement with 90 Day Fiance? Fans have their favorites. And they also have couples they just can’t stand.

‘Love After Lockup’ season 2 is wilder than ever

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The show is finishing its second season. Although the first season of the show had more than a decent part of the drama, this time the producers have really surpassed themselves. Season two has brought fans two love triangles. Fans eat it of course, even if they shrink while doing it.

This time, as in the first season, we see a reasonable number of parents who don’t take their children into account. Welcoming a convicted felon in a house with children is not something most parents would consider.

For the Love After Lockup couples, this does not seem to be a serious problem. In most cases, the parent did not even know the prisoner before prison.

The kids aren’t alright on ‘Love After Lockup’

Fans frown on parents who don’t put their children first. A Reddit fan beat Cheryl, a season 2-star, who left her children in her home state to go to Colorado and live with Josh, her new boyfriend. The Reddit fan said, “Cheryl left her children to go with a crook in another state… After spending a lot of money on him that could have been invested in the future of her children” was one of the worst examples of bad parenting season two has to offer.

Cheryl and Josh met while Josh was in prison for bank robbery. Cheryl found him online while she was looking for pictures of serial killers for a school project.

Cheryl didn’t know Josh before he went to prison, so it’s probably better that she left her children behind instead of taking them to live with a stranger. Especially given the drama she experienced at Josh’s house. Josh’ mother accused Cheryl of trying to steal her boyfriend.

Lacey is the one star on ‘Love After Lockup’ that fans cannot stand

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Believe it or not, fans don’t think Cheryl was the worst parent on Love After Lockup this season. That honour goes to Lacey. Fans don’t like her because of the drama she has caused throughout the season, but they especially feel bad for her kids.

As a reddit user has posted, “29 years old marries a stranger while her poor children watch. How selfish can a person be? Three innocent children she spent zero time on for him to build a relationship. ‘

Lacey may or may not have been a bad mother during season two, but she was almost certainly a bad friend. At the beginning of the season she was with John, her sweetheart in high school who happened to be locked up after he suggested.

She found that the ring John gave her was “pretty easy to put on and take off”, and she was able to slip it off right away while she was with her other friend Shane. Shane was also recently released from prison, and in the end it seems that he was better suited to Lacey. She and Shane have recently tied the knot.

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