Love After Lockup: Tony Lies to Angela – Ditches Therapy

Love After Lockup: Tony Lies to Angela – Ditches Therapy

Love After Lockup pair Angela and Tony ended things on a cliffhanger during the season finale of the show. And, there are a lot of questions surrounding what Tony was doing in the motel room after he proposed to his WE tv love. Angela said the real reason, and it’s not what people think. So what was Tony up to?

Love After Lockup: Tony Lies to Angela – Ditches Therapy

Things with Tony and Angela seemed to be getting to a good place on Love After Lockup. But, Angela was wary and said Tony is always up to something. It turns out he lied to her about going to therapy. Instead, he went to a motel room behind her back.

Tony revealed on Love After Lockup that he struggles when it comes to temptation. Whether it’s women or drugs, he has a hard time – especially when those things are right in front of him. WE tv cameras didn’t follow him into the hotel room. But, mics picked up his voice – along with another woman’s voice. And, many observers of Love After Lockup want to know what I was doing.

Love After Lockup: The Real Reason Tony Was At The Motel

The Love After Lockup season finale makes it seem like Angela doesn’t know what Tony is up to in the motel.

In reality, she knows why he was there. Tony works at the hotel. He was at his job.

Angela wants viewers to tune in to the upcoming installment of Life After Lockup to see what happens with this situation. She wants to people to know the truth about Tony. Of course, this was a clever stunt to hype the brand new season of the spinoff.

Tony said in Love After Lockup that Angela is much more in love with him than he is with her. And, he said emphatically that he could probably get away with it when it comes to Angela. On top of that, Angela worries that Tony will always do something. And that he will always be conspiring behind her back. Life After Lockup teasers show that Angela deals with Tony’s drama in the new installment. So it will be worth tuning in to see how this story unfolds.

More Drama to Hype Life After Lockup?

Based on recent Love After Lockup tea, Angela and her inmate lover Tony married in Mississippi. Meanwhile, WE tv cameras were there to film the wedding. This comes on the heels of the upcoming premiere of Life After Lockup. Knowing that the couple married denies part of the next drama of the new season. But it’s probably still a great attraction for fans to tune in.

There are questions among viewers regarding what Tony was doing in the motel. But, it looks like Angela is getting in on the act by posting about it on her page and encouraging her Love After Lockup fans to watch the new episodes. But, since it leaked that the pair already married, could this be a promotional tactic to hype the show? Either way, it looks like fans will have to tune in to see what happens next.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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