Love After Lockup’s Skylar Rackley Reevaluates Her Relationship with Nathan Tracy”

Love After Lockup's Skylar Rackley Reevaluates Her Relationship with Nathan Tracy"

Nathan Tracy and Skylar Rackley, stars of the TV show “Love After Lockup,” had a difficult dinner date that left Skylar with mixed emotions about their relationship. Nathan’s behavior during the date made her question their relationship and whether they are compatible.

Skylar feels that everything between them has been rushed, as Nathan pushed for a serious commitment right after her release from prison. Nathan had already made plans for them to live together at his grandma’s house, which seemed like a good solution for Skylar who had no other plans.

However, after seeing a side of Nathan she had never seen before, she is starting to think that she may have made a mistake.

Skylar Rackley, from the TV show “Love After Lockup,” seeks advice from her mother and brother about her relationship with Nathan Tracy. After telling them about Nathan’s behavior during their dinner date, Skylar’s mother, Heather, expresses her concerns about their relationship.

Heather believes that Nathan is too possessive and jealous, and she is worried about their past issues with drug addiction. She tells Skylar that she feels uncomfortable with their relationship and sees a lot of red flags.

Heather fears that Nathan’s behavior may trigger Skylar into relapsing and emphasizes that she needs him to be clean before they can consider a serious relationship.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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