Luann de Lesseps stays sober by drinking non-alcoholic beer and vaping

Luann de Lesseps has a number of interesting coping mechanisms now that she is sober.

“I’ll have a mocktail. You know what I’ve become is Heineken Zero, so I feel like I’m drinking a beer. I love beer in the summer because it’s cold and thirst-quenching. So I have a Heineken zero, so I have the feeling that I am drinking and I am evaporating! I am going for a vape and get through the moment, “said De Lesseps, 54, on SiriusXM’s” The Jenny McCarthy Show “Wednesday.

She compared her desire to drink with ‘a wave’.

“It’s like going to the beach and standing in the ocean and the wave coming and it’s like,” Oh my god, here it comes! “And then it comes and it breaks and it goes away. The same goes for those feelings. So if you can just give yourself a deep breath and a minute to be,” It’s okay. I feel like that. “I want to feel that way. It’s great to want to drink, because that is — you’ve been doing this all your life. So take a deep breath and you know, reach for that mocktail.”

The reality star who became a cabaret singer was arrested in Palm Beach, Florida, after a drunken collapse in December 2017. She has since attended rehabilitation and struggled to maintain her sobriety.

She was accused of not keeping to her probation earlier this year and admitted that she had been drinking in court. She received new conditions in May, specifying that she should have weekly telephone counseling sessions with her therapist and monthly personal sessions. She is also required to take an Antabuse medication as prescribed by her doctor and must have a “Soberlink” breathing device.

We have been told that she is working on a tell-all about her life – including her drunken stupors – and is looking for a publisher.

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