Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mama June Shannon Sobs As She Vows On Ella Grace’s Life She İs Clean

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mama June Shannon Sobs As She Vows On Ella Grace's Life She İs Clean

Mama June swears on her granddaughter’s life that she is clean of drugs in an emotional reunion with her daughter Lauryn Shannon.

In a new teaser clip for this Friday’s Family Crisis episode, Mama June is part of an intervention by Pumpkin – real name Lauryn Shannon – who tells her she can only be part of her younger daughter Alana and her granddaughter Ella’s life if she stays clean and takes a drug test.

After the doctor told them she had “good news and bad news”, June burst into tears because she insisted she was clean. She told 20-year-old Lauryn Shannon, “I swear, I promise, I promise on Ella’s life.”

In last week’s episode, fans saw Lauren reach Mama June, to meet her for the first time in months. The meeting came after Lauryn Shannon’s husband, Josh Efird, daughter Ella and sister Alana Thompson were forced to leave their home and live in a hotel because people were looking for them after June failed to pay a debt.

Lauryn explained her decision to meet her restless mother:: “I will call Mama and arrange a meeting just for her and me. Maybe this will make her understand what this situation has caused everyone.

If she agrees to meet with me, I want to sit down with her and offer her another f**king chance to give her the help she needs”. You’ll look me in the face and you’ll listen to what I have to say or it’s over, I’m done. I will literally never have contact with her again.”

The couple arranged the meeting, but when the production team went to pick up Mama June for the meeting, the fans were shocked by her appearance, as she looked disheveled, with missing teeth and hair. One member of the crew asked June where her bling was, as she is known to wear jewelry. Mama June allegedly pawned a diamond ring for $1,500 last year.

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