Man convicted of torture came within feet of Prince George, siblings

A former prisoner with a brutal past walked past security at Kensington Palace, where he was greeted in the courtyard by Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, says a new report.

Former jailbird-turned furniture deliverer Darren Benjamin – who worked seven years behind bars to torture an innocent man by pouring boiling water on his back – later boasted to friends how close he could get to the royal children, age 7, 4 and 1, respectively, according to The Sun of Great Britain.

“His friends were shocked that he could enter the palace and be moved away from royalties, given his past,” said one source – adding that Benjamin even described George as “pleasant.”

The newspaper said it was the first time Buckingham Palace drew attention to the frightening security breach and that an investigation was started immediately.

“As soon as it was brought to our attention, an urgent safety assessment was started to check whether current systems and procedures are appropriate,” a Palace official told The Sun this Sunday.

“Pending the outcome, there will be a sophisticated level of risk assessment for those who come in.”

The first source added: “This is the type of potentially fatal safety surveillance that simply cannot be allowed.

“Darren is a violent criminal who was imprisoned for the most brutal form of torture.

“It’s horrifying because he bragged about how close he came to our future king and the other Cambridge children.”

A royal insider told The Sun that the parents of the blue-blooded children, the duke and duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, are “worried” that Benjamin, 40, was somewhere near their children, who at that time were with their babysitter goods.

“The duke has been informed and is clearly interested in what happened,” said the source.

“He is convinced that criminals deserve a second chance when they have spent their time, but is concerned that the current security policy may not be strong enough.

“It is very important that we know who enters the palace.”

The incident occurred on July 14, when Benjamin was driving the grounds to bring furniture to the palace while working for a private company, The Sun said.

He was sentenced to jail from 2008 after being convinced that he was one of four masked men who pinched and tied an innocent man and then tortured him to get information about a BMW Z4, the newspaper said.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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