Man stuck in the snow for five days with dog survived on Taco Bell Sauce packages

I am originally a Southern California girl, so my idea of ​​winter is usually cool but sunny days with maybe a rainy day. For the rest of the United States, however, winter is usually accompanied by snow and sometimes snow.

Recently, outdoorsman Jeremy Taylor was missing on February 24, after he was last seen when he got gas in Sunriver, Oregon. He was with his dog Ally. The two came into trouble later that day when they got stuck in deep snow.

After being reported missing, the Deschutes County sheriff’s office posted on Facebook and asked for information that could help 36-year-old Jeremy find.

According to Fox 32, Jeremy had originally tried to make the walk out of the snow, but it was too deep, so it forced him to go to his car with Ally and wait for help.

Things began to turn on March 1 when a snowmobile driver contacted Deschutes County and reported that Jeremy was at Wake Butte, west of Sunriver.

Deschutes County updated their message with the comment: “Jeremy and Ally were found to be in good shape, but hungry after being stuck in the snow for five days.” Jeremy told researchers that he had gone on FS Road 40 on Sunday, but got stuck In the snow, he woke up on Monday to get more snow and could not untie his vehicle, Jeremy had tried to walk away on Monday, but the deep snow made it very difficult and he and Ally returned to his vehicle. days warm by regularly starting his vehicle and used a few taco-sauce packages that he had as food. “

After returning to security, Jeremy said the message on the social media: “Thank you everyone, I am safe, my ally is safe.” I really appreciate all the help, have been lucky, let (sic) never do that again. with everyone. “

Responding to someone who had left a comment at his post, he replied: ‘Taco Bell-brand sauce saves lives’ and he did not joke either.

In general, people were very willing to express their support with one person who said: “Jeremy – we all love you, you have some great friends, and I can not even begin to express in words how happy I am am you okay, so let’s not do that again, okay? … or let’s just take you to San Diego so you do not have to worry about that white stuff! “

Probably wise to consider going out of the snow. Moreover, San Diego has an incredible Mexican food.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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