‘Married At First Sight’ 2019 Jessika regrets ‘aggressive’ way she pursued Dan

Married with First Sight Jessika apologized to her husband on the screen because she was chasing Dan behind his back, and admitted that some of her behavior was “disgusting” and “predatory” in the hit show.

“I look at myself and go, ‘Oh my Jesus Christ!'” She told A Current Affair.

“I’m really sorry for what I did with Mick, I really want me to say something to him right away, I wish I could have put it down, and even Tamara [the wife of Dan] against girl code.”

After her claims against fellow Nic were rejected, the Perth official tried to rub Dan.

Last night, the couple shared a kiss away from the group.

“I want to see a man next to me who looks good, I want a man whom I can turn off and feel confident, and people look at us, I like that,” she said.

“I prefer a man who takes care of himself and does not wear work shoes for dinner.”

Country bachelor Mick is not aware of his wife’s cheating, but he has told other participants that he hopes to leave the experiment during this Sunday’s ceremony.

“I think Mick’s perfect date goes out in the background and has a can of VB, he’s happy to get around with coffee stains on his shirt and food.” How should I feel attracted to that? “Jess said.

During recent dinner parties during the experiment, Jessika did not oppose the pursuit of other husbands.

“I would take back my very aggressive, predatory, sexual behavior towards Dan,” she said.

It is not surprising that the MAFS bride has criticized social media because of her behavior.

But she told ACA that it does not bother her, adding that she has a “thick skin”.

“At first it is my lips and then you know that I am slut ashamed, I do not read it,” she said.

“If people call me ‘the most hated woman of Australia’, fine … just do that, that’s all right, that’s your opinion, I’m not going to take that away from you. ‘

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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