Married at First Sight: A sneak peek shows Taylor Dunklin refusing to apologize

Married at First Sight: A sneak peek shows Taylor Dunklin refusing to apologize

Taylor Dunklin and Brandon Reid had an explosive start to their marriage in Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 10, and things haven’t gone much better for the newlyweds since.

Brandon had a hard time with the shoot and even had a fight with the Lifetime production crew. After the couple’s honeymoon failure in Panama, Taylor seemed to have closed down. And when Taylor Dunklin published a story on Instagram in which he declared himself “single”, Brandon lost his mind and left the apartment without a word to his wife.

In a clip exclusive to In Touch Weekly of Mar. 4’s episode of Married at First Sight, “I Want You To Want Me”, Taylor Dunklin and Brandon’s counseling session with Dr. Pepper Schwartz goes to waste. Taylor Dunklin tells her husband she doesn’t know why he’s so upset and refuses to apologize for his controversial video.

Married at First Sight: A sneak peek shows Taylor Dunklin refusing to apologize

In the preview clip, Taylor Dunklin and Brandon finally meet again after a long period of silence to discuss their marital problems with Dr. Schwartz.

For his part, Taylor Dunklin claims he doesn’t know what made Brandon angry or what led him to move out.

“I’m very confused, because as far as I know, I didn’t do anything to you,” Taylor Dunklin says to Brandon in anticipation. “So I’d like to know what those actions are, and I asked him. But I never heard. He’s the one who left, so I’m just confused about what my actions are.” Brandon appears bewildered in his answer, smiling sarcastically as if he can’t believe what he’s hearing.

Dr. Schwartz, who also seems surprised, is determined to try to help the married couple at First Sight make amends. “I mean, I can go tick off the list of things I don’t think you’ve been nice to each other about, or that I don’t share your specific point of view about, but it’s just me,” he tells the newcomers, trying to remain objective. “I’m trying to help you.”

Married at First Sight: The ‘MAFS’ star insists the video wasn’t about Brandon Reid

The Grooms at Prima Vista expert seems to be trying to get Taylor Dunklin to apologize with a poll question. “Is there anything either of you have done so far that you’d like to apologize for and say, “I’m sorry, I wish I hadn’t”? Dr. Schwartz is asking him.

Taylor Dunklin pulls out the Instagram video, but insists he didn’t do anything wrong.

“There was a video I posted on social media that seemed to hurt him,” he says reluctantly. But the thing is, it wasn’t directed at him.” And the fact is that he, his friends, nobody followed me openly on social media”. So, no, Brandon, I didn’t expect you to see the video.” But I publish what I want.”

“Can I stop you for a second?” Dr. Schwartz wonders. But Brandon, who seems completely detached from his wife, laughs sarcastically, “You should let her move on.”

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