Married at First Sight: Did Keith Manley Take Iris Caldwell’s Virginity?

Married at First Sight: Did Keith Manley Take Iris Caldwell’s Virginity?

Married to First Sight couple Keith Manley and Iris Caldwell had a unique storyline in the Lifetime show. A big problem was created by the fact that Iris was a virgin when she married Keith. And it became a central point in their storyline for the season. There was a lot of drama around this couple and they finally called it on decision day. But where are they now?

Married at First Sight: Keith Manley’s Wife Iris Caldwell a Virgin

Most married people at First Sight hopefully, like Keith Manley and Iris Caldwell, spend years in the dating pool before they realize they need the help of the experts. And that usually means they test a handful of partners on their search for the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with. In the case of Iris Caldwell, she saved herself for marriage. And her virginity became a focus on her journey with Keith Manley.

The experts wanted to find someone who was caring and understanding for Iris Caldwell. And they certainly found that in Keith Manley. Keith was respectful and in many ways a gentleman when it came to his new bride. And in any case, it seemed early on that these two were a good match. More than that, a lot of Married at First Sight viewers believed they could go all the way.

Married at First Sight: Did Keith Manley Take Iris Caldwell’s Virginity?

It seems Iris Caldwell didn’t give her virginity to Keith Manley while they were married on Married at First Sight. The couple did have their moments, Iris felt that Keith didn’t open and close enough to build up the intimacy she wanted.

Keith Manley didn’t want it to be the job to take Iris’ virginity and all that came with it. It probably didn’t help that viewers of Married at First Sight Lifetime saw everything happen between the two. Having your most private moments dissected on national TV must be stressful.

Keith didn’t want to be responsible for helping Iris establish her “intimate base”. In his mind, that’s not what he signed up for.

No Wedding Bliss for MAFS Couple

Keith Manley was a really nice guy on Married at First Sight. But even he had a limit when it came to new wife Iris Caldwell. He doubted her maturity level. One of the things Keith said was that he wanted a partner with more “experience”. And not just in the bedroom, either. Iris sometimes seemed childish. And it seemed like Keith got tired of that towards the end.

In an effort to get closure, Keith Manley was asked if he would ever consider dating Iris Caldwell, even though the marriage experiment didn’t work out. In the end, Keith said he wasn’t ready to become a husband. And he believed Iris Caldwell wasn’t ready to become a woman. Neither of them got the happy ending they were hoping for Married at First Sight. But at least the couple closed.

Clearly, Keith Manley blinded Iris Caldwell on closing day when he wanted a divorce. And even as they tried to close, Married at First Sight fans noticed that Iris seemed like she was trying to hide her pain behind her big personality. Some MAFS viewers were happy to go their separate ways, while others still believed they could have a future together. At the end of the day it was not in the cards for these two.

Married at First Sight Update: Iris Caldwell & Keith Manley – Where Are They Now?

In September Keith posted a message on Instagram to his followers of Married at First Sight. He believes everything happens for a reason. And he encouraged his fans to stay true to what they believe in. Since his time on the Lifetime show, it seems he hasn’t found a new one yet. He said on the MAFS bench in the aftermath of the decision day that he would stay single for a while. And that’s what he seems to be doing.

As for Iris Caldwell, she seemed genuinely hurt by Keith Manley’s decision to divorce her. And between the two of them, she seems to be making the split harder. She had a vibrant, outgoing personality on Married at First Sight. And she seems to be using that as a way to put her past with Keith behind her. She’s now focused on herself and her goals. And she’s even doing things like meeting and greeting fans

With a new season of Married at First Sight in January, there are a few things new and future couples can learn from this duo. Even if you seem like a good match on paper, it doesn’t always mean it will work out in the end. There are many married viewers on First Sight who think they were a good match – and many who think they should have stayed together. At the end of it all, sometimes you have to find a way to move on. And it seems they both did.

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  1. How can anyone say they matched on paper when she was a virgin and he has had multiple sex partners. Obviously the judges and “experts” on this show do not realize the deep commitment and spiritual depth of keeping oneself for their husband or wife. I married a virgin and so was I. Can you sue a show over misrepresentation on ones behalf? Tragic, tragic. I’m a dude and my heart goes out to her. Glad she kept that “gift” for the right guy.

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