‘Married at First Sight’: Elizabeth and Jamie reveal they briefly split up

'Married at First Sight': Elizabeth and Jamie reveal they briefly split up

Married during season 9 of First Sight reunion marked by Keith Manley who rejected Iris Caldwell’s attempt to reconcile, Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson revealed that they had made it short, and Matthew Gwynne admitted that he knew his marriage to Amber Bowles would not work in it for 15 minutes during Wednesday’s broadcast on Lifetime.

Keith and Iris, Jamie and Elizabeth, Matt and Amber and Deonna McNeill and Gregory Okotie are reunited to provide updates about their single lives or marriages.

Amber and Matt mutually chose to divorce on “Decision Day,” while Kevin asked for a divorce when his wife, Iris, hoped to continue to get married.

The two couples who stayed together on “Decision Day” were Elizabeth and Jamie, as well as Deonna and Greg.

So what happened when the cameras went out and the Married at First Sight experts – Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Dr. Viviana Coles – went home?

Keith rejects Iris’ attempt to concile

Kevin Frazier organized the reunion and he first met Iris and Keith.

Both people said they were fine, and then Kevin asked the former couple what the experts had achieved by matching them with each other.

Keith said that he and Iris are both passionate about serving the youth, and Iris explained that they both love adventure, have a sensation of life, and have similar goals in terms of a long life in a relationship – like children to get.

Iris cried while watching recordings of their marriage back at the reunion, and she admitted that she still cared for Keith “a lot.”

Keith said that Iris is compassionate, caring and one of the most sincere people he has ever met, so he wasn’t surprised to see Iris emotionally.

Because Keith admired Iris so much, it was a shock to many viewers when he decided to separate on “Decision Day” – contrary to Iris’ wishes.

Recalling the moment Keith dumped her, Iris said, “Then I went empty … like literally a loss of breath, a loss – I almost fainted mentally.”

Iris said that Keith complimented her on “Decision Day” in more than one way but shocked her when he pulled the plug just because she didn’t have much relationship experience.

“I am good at you. You are great, you keep doing it,” said Iris.

“Because I said so,” Keith argued.

“But that’s how it was interpreted,” Kevin agreed. “And it was very difficult.”

Iris said it was hard to hear, but Keith’s choice gave her a different perspective on things and allowed her to grow as a person. However, Iris admitted that she “would change a few things” if she could go back and do it all over again.

Iris wished she had pushed Keith more to discuss his problem with her virginity and how it affected him. She wanted to get under the surface and find out why saving herself for her husband was such a problem for Keith.

Keith explained that it made a big difference to him, because sex is an area where she “has nothing to do” and it is a “place” where she doesn’t really know herself yet.

Keith tried to say that it wasn’t about the fact that Iris had never had sex before, but rather how she would let her husband “decide or create” what her intimacy would be like in a marriage.

“I may not know what it means to have sex, but that’s why I wanted to have that experience with you,” Iris explained, confirming that she wanted to make love with her husband during or after eight weeks when she clicked with her husband .

Iris came to the conclusion that Keith did not want to help her navigate her sexual desires and preferences because that was ‘too difficult’ for him.

But Keith pointed out that Iris had a lack of maturity in certain conversations and situations, such as when she found an empty box of condoms in his apartment and ran over it.

“It was a red flag. These are things I have to take into account; I have to. Because we don’t have much time to figure out if we’re getting married or not,” Keith said.

“How are you going to restore your emotional maturity in eight weeks? It makes no sense.”

“Because we’re trying after the eight weeks, Keith … but you didn’t care enough and you didn’t want to try enough, and that’s what kills me,” Iris said in tears.

Iris said she had no idea her virginity hit Keith at that level and all she wanted was to solve their problems and grow together.

Keith told Iris that these were not negative traits, but Iris said they were negative enough to divorce.

“I didn’t necessarily want the responsibility of teaching Iris, because that’s difficult. I don’t want to be that; I never intended to be that person, to help them find out and give them, as, intimate foundation, “Keith explained, while Iris showed a big smile, as if what Keith said was ridiculous.

“I have no desire to do that. It was never about sex; it was about intimacy. I never used the word ‘sex’ about it.”

Iris therefore asked Keith to explain exactly what intimacy means to him. He said it could be questions, verbal intimacy, being there for someone, physical intimacy and maybe not even saying a word.

Keith said that those forms of intimacy often lead to sex, but Iris claimed that they had established all those forms of intimacy during their marriage.

Kevin had a lot of respect for the way Keith dealt with the situation, and Iris agreed.

Iris then revealed that after the show, she and Keith kept talking and eating out.

“Do you hope it might spark?” Kevin asked.

“I think it must change on both sides before it works,” Keith replied.

“And I want that to happen,” said Iris.

Kevin then asked Iris: “If Keith said,” I want to get married today, “what would you do?”

Iris replied that she would like to go to the counseling of couples and try to work things out. Iris said, however, that Keith should show her that all his reasons for divorce would no longer be a problem.

Keith confessed that he had missed Iris, but he played with restraint when asked if he would go out with her again after she had gained more life experience.

“I don’t know. I can only rely on how I feel now, and I really don’t know,” Keith commented. “I don’t think I’m ready for a woman now, and I don’t think you’re ready to be a woman now.”

Iris told Keith that he couldn’t speak for her, but Keith said he just went away from what he felt.

“So I’d say,” No, “said Keith.

Iris acknowledged that she had to hear that and that she would continue to lead her best life.

Iris remained hopeful about finding love, and she flocked to the cameras about how she had remained whole and could apply what she had learned in her last relationship to the next one.

Keith said he wasn’t interested in dating someone in the near future, but then Iris asked if he was having sex.

“You’re good right?!” Iris asked.

‘It goes well. Thank you for your concern, “Keith said shyly.

Deonna and Greg share some news

Deonna and Greg share some news

The next couple that gave an update were Deonna and Greg.

Deonna revealed that she now likes to receive compliments for getting to know Greg well.

Deonna said she had arrived at the decision to stay married because her spare time with Greg was “very intentional” and they spent time with “deep conversations” while the cameras were not on them.

“I looked back at those moments and thought,” How did I feel? ” And then I knew: “Deonna shared it.

Greg admitted that he had doubts about what to do, since Deonna had not been outdated for 10 years and she had some walls, but once the cameras were gone, it apparently went well.

Greg told Kevin it was great to have ‘lazy days’, but Deonna had to get used to the fact that stressors were no longer around.

“Are you still married?” Kevin asked the couple.

“Yes, we are still married,” Deonna said before Greg echoed the feeling.

Deonna then revealed that she was the first to say “I love you” in the relationship, but Greg didn’t say anything back.

Deonna said Greg waited until he was ready to say those three words back – and it happened by chance when she found his missing designer sunglasses. Greg didn’t even seem to remember that moment, but they both laughed and seemed very happy with each other.

Since the show was filmed, Deonna and her dog Sandy moved to Greg’s home. Greg joked that it was “a takeover” and her things were everywhere.

Greg is apparently allergic to dogs, but Deonna pointed out that love overcomes everything.

Kevin then asked the couple if babies are in the future, and Deonna replied: “We have something new. The family is expanding … We are expecting. But we are expecting a nephew. My sister is expecting; we are going to be uncle and to be aunts. “

Deonna predicted that they would start a family for one and a half to two years.

Matt says he knew Amber marriage wouldn’t work within 15 minutes

Then it was time for Kevin to talk to Matt and Amber.

Amber told Kevin that Married at First Sight was the “hardest eight weeks” of her life.

Amber said she was attracted to Matt because he was artful, creative, athletic and well-rounded, and Matt loved that Amber was very caring and loving.

During the honeymoon, Matt Amber warned that he might get a contract to play professional basketball again abroad, which would mean that they might be divorced for six months.

“It’s a nomadic life. At the time of your conversation about,” Maybe I’m going to play basketball, “did the red flags hit you back then, and maybe that’s why you’re not talking to Amber about going with you when you play basketball?” Kevin asked Matt.

“Yes, I mean, I soon realized it wouldn’t work,” Matt admitted.

Matt then dropped a bomb on viewers.

“When was the moment that you realized?” Kevin asked.

“Probably just like the first 15 minutes,” confessed Matt. “I immediately had many doubts.”

Amber did not understand why they slept together “on day 2” when Matt was not in their marriage from day 1. Amber asked why Matt was playing with her emotions as a result.

Matt insisted he didn’t play with her emotions because he believed the MAFS experts when they said a relationship with some work could grow. But Amber claimed that Matt had put no work into it.

Amber felt that Matt had not respected her by not coming home occasionally, but Matt said he was not aware of her problems with leaving early.

Kevin then asked Matt if he was going around with other women and / or hanging out, especially the night he left his wedding ring in the bedside table next to his bed with Amber.

“If I saw someone I knew while I was away, we spoke, but I didn’t see anyone else. I didn’t live a double life,” Matt said.

“One of your friends came forward and told me it was you,” Amber shared.

“Oh, okay,” Matt noted before Amber revealed that “10 people” had told her that Matt had played her. “It was humiliating. I was humiliated at work.”

“Have you seen that girl?” Kevin asked.

“No, just a friend,” Matt replied.

After Kevin seemed to have disbelieved about Matt’s claim, Amber remarked, “She told me she feels bad, so.”

Matt laughed then and said, “The person with whom I left that night, you don’t even know her. You don’t even know who she is.”

“Okay, well, you don’t think so,” sniffed Amber.

Kevin wanted to clear things up, so he asked Matt if he was having sex with another woman while he was married.

“Just own it, boy!” Amber intervened.

Matt replied, “No,” making Amber feel “better.”

Matt had nothing else to say or add, but at least he apologized for the way he had treated Amber. But Amber wanted Matt to look at her face and say it instead of pretending she wasn’t even in the room.

“If I don’t respect you or hurt you in any way, I apologize,” Matt said.

Amber told Matt that he didn’t need to be insensitive to her in the future, that they should be cordial with each other.

“Why do you hate me so much!” Amber asked.

“I don’t know – not at all,” Matt insisted.

Amber said what hurt the most, that they seemed to be “secreting enemies,” because they just wanted them to be cool around each other.

Matt explained that they might end up in a good place at some point, but he was still trying to handle the breakup and get through everything.

Matt told Amber that he needed his space, and then Amber assured Kevin that she didn’t want to be friends with Matt.

“I don’t expect us to be best friends … I want to be cordial. It’s so likely that we meet in Charlotte and I don’t want to pretend I don’t know him. Like, I’m legally married to him,” Amber said. .

Matt got out of Married at First Sight and tried to figure out his next move, but meanwhile he said he crashes with friends and does his own thing.

After Matt pointed out that he was happy, Amber revealed that she recently had her own studio apartment. Amber has also received a rescue dog of three and finally realized that she deserves better.

“I’m dating, but I’m just having fun. I haven’t found my Mr. Right yet. I know he’s there, but it will take a while,” Amber shared.

Amber said she went a little crazy after her divorce with Matt, who apparently felt relieved and overjoyed that she had moved on.

Elizabeth and Jamie reveal they briefly split up

Then it was time for Elizabeth and Jamie to chat with Kevin.

Elizabeth said that “Decision Day” was a challenge because she is not good at opening up her feelings.

“I think one of the biggest challenges for us was to come up with filming and producing and returning to normal, everyday life. We were under a lot of stress,” Jamie said.

Jamie explained that one of Elizabeth’s dogs got sick and cohabiting was stressful.

“We both just cracked a little,” Jamie admitted.

“So what do you say? You broke up?” Kevin asked.

Jamie nodded his head and then Elizabeth muttered, “Mhmm.”

Elizabeth said she was in and out of the hospital for a few days and had to prioritize a number of things in her life, suggesting that her dog first came to Jamie.

Kevin therefore asked the couple if they had reunited since that fight and were still married.

“Yes,” said Elizabeth. “It’s a hard yes. We are together again.”

Jamie and Elizabeth acknowledged that they were happy together and were happy to be married. Jamie even said he couldn’t imagine his life without Elizabeth and so he would find out how he had a healthy, stable relationship before he left her.

And Elizabeth agreed that she “just cared” about Jamie. Elizabeth said she was cracked by her emotions, but was working on it and Jamie was patient with her.

Jamie said they have fun together, even if they just order Chinese food on a Friday night.

“Is this still as flammable as ever?” Kevin asked the couple about their relationship.

“Oh my god, we’re not even going to those levels anymore,” Elizabeth confirmed. “Oh no. I just had to change my own medicine with Jamie … he can give it back to me. He checks me and calls me when I can be a brat.”

“I’ve mastered the blow,” Jamie revealed.

Jamie said they learned how to have a healthy relationship, and Elizabeth pointed out that things were “hotter than ever.”

Elizabeth also shared that she no longer needs to have sex with Jamie just to keep him quiet.

Looking ahead, Jamie said he had officially moved to Elizabeth’s house and left his own apartment.

Elizabeth later joked about how she and Jamie wear matching underwear to bed and “life is beautiful.”

Elizabeth could not predict what would happen in five years, but she intended to love him.

Elizabeth gets tense with Kevin

All four couples then joined Kevin on stage.

Deonna revealed that she was “a little surprised”. Keith and Iris had chosen to divorce because they seemed to click and fit together very well.

Elizabeth also claimed to be “in denial” about the separation of Iris and Keith, hoping that their paths would run parallel and reunite them someday.

Nobody was shocked. Amber and Matt were apart, which Amber could at least joke about.

The four couples then looked back at an excerpt of Elizabeth and Jamie’s dramatic fight on the circuit when Jamie told her to “shut up”.

Jamie said that they had already fought in the car on the way, so that things were tense, and Elizabeth admitted that she let her mouth go for a moment. The images brought back bad memories for Elizabeth, who could not help but become a little emotional.

“Fill in the blanks,” Kevin said, and asked Elizabeth to tell more about her quarrels with Jamie.

‘No, I really don’t care anymore. We must continue, “said Elizabeth.

“But you just said it interests you,” Kevin commented.

“Stop pushing me to answer more of these questions,” Elizabeth asked. “Please respect that I’m not doing well here. Stop.”

Kevin insisted that he had no intention of not respecting Elizabeth, and with that being said, he stopped looking for more answers.

Iris confirms she is still a virgin

Moving on to the subject of the virginity of Iris, Greg said it was a big responsibility and must have been a weight on Keith’s shoulders. And Jamie agreed that it would have been much for him to treat if Elizabeth had been a virgin.

“You told me to have sex every day, so I don’t think you would do well with it,” Elizabeth said laughing.

Iris hoped to grow with a man in that area, but she said she had heard Keith and understood him when he said he didn’t want that guy for her.

Iris confirmed that she is ‘a divorced virgin’, making her an even rarer find. She told Kevin that she still plans to wait for the marriage to have sex for the first time.

Elizabeth reveals she had heard gossip that Matt was cheating

Regarding the relationship between Amber and Matt, Deonna said the fallout made her “speechless” because Matt could have dealt with things in a better and more friendly way.

Iris said that there was so much hope and promise because Matt and Amber were incredibly compatible and so it was hard to see how things get so derailed.

Given that the Charlotte area is quite small, Elizabeth apparently even heard information that she did not want to give back to Amber during the wedding experiment.

“Listen, that’s for them – and I’m sure we all know. So it doesn’t matter, “Elizabeth replied.

Matt said he was happy that Amber had friends to help her through the process. He said that while he cared for Amber, she is not the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Matt explained that he and Amber had built up a friendship – which Amber rolled her eyes to – and they got to know each other deeply, but it was “not enough to say,” Let us stay married for the rest of our lives. ” “

Iris acknowledged that Matt just wasn’t prepared for how serious Married is at First Sight.

Matt confessed that boundaries don’t work for him, and Jamie said the marriage was much more than what he expected to go into this process.

Eventually, Elizabeth revealed that she and Jamie would move to California and start over. They expected to be each other’s rock and support system.

Elizabeth said she would explore new career opportunities in the Bay Area once they settled in their new apartment.

MAFS Season 10’s Washington, D.C. location is confirmed

The final with Kevin who announced Married on the tenth season of First Sight will take place in Washington, D.C.

Kevin asked the couples to give advice to future couples in the show, and Deonna told them to go into the low-expectations process – which Greg laughed at and called on her – and Amber said he had deep, difficult conversations.

Patience, honesty, openness and communication were also words thrown there, but Matt remained completely silent and laughed occasionally.

As Matt previously revealed on “Decision Day,” he initially regretted playing Married in First Sight in the lead role.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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