Married at First Sight: Insecure Amber Martorana’s Self-Doubts Tears Them Apart

Married at First Sight: Insecure Amber Martorana’s Self-Doubts Tears Them Apart

Married to First Sight couple Amber Martorana and Dave Flaherty got during their performance in the show numerous roadblocks. Amber’s uncertainties soon began to wear Dave down. And even under the guidance of the experts and attempts on their part to save their marriage, things didn’t work out. They asked for divorce and went their separate ways. But where are they now?

Married at First Sight: Insecure Amber Martorana’s Self-Doubts Tears Them Apart

An early point of discussion for this Dave Flaherty and Amber Martorana on Married at First Sight was Amber’s doubt about himself. She often sought reassurance from her husband. Dave Flaherty told her that he is attracted to her. But doubts began to creep in and sabotage their marriage. Amber even tanned her hair because she believed Dave loved brunettes.

Amber Martorana told Dave that dyeing her hair destroyed it, and he suggested that she might want to stop dyeing for health reasons. So Amber became irrational and angry with her husband.

Meanwhile, Amber had an attack when she believed that Dave was hitting a friend of hers – who happened to be a brunette. Amber Martorana’s self-respect issues wore on with Dave Flaherty as the Married at First Sight season progressed. And it seemed that Dave and wife Amber were on their way to divorce after the decision day. Even Dr. Jessica Griffin was worried that Amber Martorana’s lack of self-confidence might sabotage the relationship.

Married at First Sight: Insecure Amber Martorana’s Self-Doubts Tears Them Apart

Married at First Sight : Rough Patches for Dave Flaherty and His Wife

In addition to Amber Martorana’s uncertainties, the Married at First Sight couple also dealt with communication problems. And although Dave Flaherty reassured his wife, she didn’t believe him when he told her that she didn’t need to dye her hair to be attractive to him. Whenever Dave gave her a compliment, she turned it upside down and often considered it a criticism. Amber especially didn’t like it when he gave her a 7.5. This was bothering her and things didn’t look good in terms of their future together.

Moreover, Amber Martorana could escalate everything. Even small things would be huge battles for the couple. And this was something else that weighed on Dave Flaherty. Amber had a collapse when she couldn’t find a pair of socks. And Dave saw it as a small problem. But in the end it turned into a great ordeal. Interestingly, Dave Flaherty later revealed that there were things he could have done differently. But writing was on the wall in the eyes of many Married at First Sight viewers when it came to this duo.

Married At First Sight: Amber Martorana & Dave Flaherty – Where Are They Now?

Amber Martorana filed for divorce with Dave Flaherty in December 2018. And she doesn’t seem to have slowed her down. She updated her Instagram in April this year with a mysterious man by her side – along with some of her friends. Amber said she was in her “happy place” and many married viewers believed she was moving on to a new person. She did not reveal the identity of the man at the time. But since then she hasn’t posted any more updates. So it is possible that if she has moved on, they may have decided to stop it.

As for Dave Flaherty, it doesn’t look like he found Amber Martorana’s replacement. He seems to stay busy with work and family. And many fans of Married at First Sight hope that he will eventually find his happy one day. Shortly after their divorce he posted a message to his former wife. And although they have experienced hardship in front of the cameras, he is grateful for the experience and wished her nothing but the best.

Marrying at First Sight is a big risk. And sometimes in the end it doesn’t work. That’s definitely something new cast members might want to keep in mind during their MAFS trip. Although it didn’t work out in the end and Dave revealed that he and Amber weren’t a good match, it’s possible to get a better person out of the experience in the end.

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