Married at First Sight: Jessica Studer asked Austin Hurd if he was writing their ‘love story’

Married at First Sight: Jessica Studer asked Austin Hurd if he was writing their ‘love story’

After their romantic honeymoon, it was time for Austin and Jessica Studer to get back to reality. The married couple in First Sight moved in together, a new experience for both of them.

“I’ve never lived with another meaningful person. Nor with Austin Hurd,” Jessica Studer revealed. “We will both learn this process together.”

Austin Hurd said he knew there would be bumps in the road, but he was excited to start a new journey with Jessica Studer. “Now we’re back in Washington, and now there’s work and you’re learning to live with someone,” he said. “I don’t know what to expect, but that’s kind of the beauty of it.”

As they snuggled together in bed for the first night in their common home as a married couple, Austin Hurd began to wax poetic about their young marriage. “Moving in together is a new chapter,” he said. The first chapter was our marriage.” The second chapter was our honeymoon.”

“Are you writing our book? Is this our love story? Jessica Studer asked her husband while they fell asleep.

Married at First Sight: The ‘MAFS’ bride wasn’t thrilled about her husband’s current income

Austin Hurd didn’t seem offended, but he said he was going to do more as his career progressed. “I’m a network engineer,” he explained. “But it’s a new career.”

Pastor Cal wondered if the couple’s income difference would cause problems or power struggles along the way. “If there’s a difference in income between you two, how are you gonna make it work?

Austin Hurd threw himself headlong into sharing that he wanted a “partnership” and always wanted to do his part financially. I don’t expect her to put more money into it just because she makes more money than I do right now,” said the star of Married at First Sight. “I’d like it to be even.”

And since the couple said they want “two or three children in two or three years,” she planned to hurry to make sure her salary matches their big plans for the future. “Even with my career, I would like to make a certain amount of money to do that,” he explained, “and that would be two or three years later.

Jessica Studer admitted she wasn’t very happy when she heard about Austin’s salary. However, the star of “Married at First Sight” told the Lifetime producers that she knew it wasn’t a deal breaker.

“When Austin Hurd told me how much he made, I was a little surprised,” she confessed. “It bothers me a little bit to have someone who earns a lot less than I do, but the point is that he’s motivated and doesn’t agree with his current salary and wants to improve it.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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