Married at First Sight: Katie and Derek

Married at First Sight: Katie and Derek

At first I had high hopes for Katie and Derek, but now I’m not so sure about them. Ever since they “did something,” I felt like they really liked each other and got along really well. Katie didn’t seem to think or miss her ex. And then there was last night’s episode…

First, Katie Conrad expressed (more than once) that she “really needs some time (space) for herself”, which is certainly understandable since they were basically attached to her hip for seven days – but, it was just the way she said it and the expression on her face that made me a little nervous.

Also, when Pastor Cal pulled out her ex and admitted that she still had an “attraction” for him, it seemed like a huge obstacle to their relationship.

I realized that the guy she had previously professed her love to (who never answered her) eventually told her that he loved her, but is she too blind to understand that he did it on purpose? Why did he wait until he found out she was going to the show to do it? A big red flag, right?

Besides, if he really loved her, he would have told her when they were still together. Too little, too late, girl. Exes are exes for a reason. Derek seems like a nice guy. Put the ex in the rearview mirror and start focusing on the future with your new husband.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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