Married Of First Sight: Jacob Has A Message For The Haters

Married Of First Sight: Jacob Has A Message For The Haters

It’s no surprise that Jacob Harder and Haley Harris decided to part ways at MAFS this season.Over the course of eight weeks, fans have struggled to see how the pair have tried to get along, despite their vast differences in personality and communication styles.

Whether you were on Haley Harris’s or Jacob Harder’s team, the 39-year-old IT professional has a message for haters after his marriage to Haley Harris came to an end on decision day.

Married Of First Sight: Jacob Has A Message For The Haters

Although leaving the experiment of divorce seems like a failure, it is clear that Jacob Harder maintains a positive mindset. “Thank you for all the love and support,” he wrote in a post on his Instagram story. “And to my haters I hope tomorrow is better for you. Let’s try and elevate each other and not spread hate.”

It’s clear that Jacob Harder is living up to his words, because throughout the process, he stayed true to his love of the ’80s and his hometown tendencies.

If anyone has been vocal about Jacob and Haley Harris’s relationship, it was Atlanta husband Chris Williams. Jacob first caught Chris’s attention on social media when he appeared on Married at First Sight Unfiltered with Paige and Briana.

The show usually weighs in on the current season, and it’s clear Chris didn’t like what Jacob said about him. Although Chris has promised not to appear on the show because of presenter Jamie Otis’s comments about his marriage, it’s clear he’s still keeping the show on.

It didn’t end there, Chris also had some choice words for Jacob when he heard about the bracelet incident with Haley Harris.

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