Martha Stewart Deejaying on the Street Is My Coachella

The first week of Coachella is over and the festival in Indio, California, is still a mecca for flower crowns, business “experience marketing”, excellent Instagram content and, oh, straightforward music acts. But while guests from all over the world are preparing for the second week of the show, a more important and exclusive concert happened here in New York: a surprise for a Martha Stewart DJ set. Yes, the lifestyle guru and friend of Snoop Dogg saw traces in the streets of Manhattan today, probably filming for a commercial or video project, and it is the only music show I ever wanted to see in person. It is my personal Coachella; charge me $ 300 for a wristband and I’ll pay for it.

A person’s mind can end with what a hypothetical Martha Stewart set list would look like. A little research reveals that the queen of the kitchen really loves the rapper Eminem; maybe she would open with his ultimate hype song, “Lose Yourself.” And, of course, you would hope that she would record at least a remix of “Drop It Like It’s Hot” in honor of Snoop. Whatever her song choices would be, it is clear that she already knows a way around a turntable. I mean, look at the focus in her eyes – she pumps that bass with precision and precision. (Turntable, Thanksgiving table, what’s the difference anyway?)

And if Stewart really became a real DJ, think about the names she could give herself. There are some obvious choices: DJ M-Stew or DJ Stew. But what about Domestica Diva or DJ Domestique? Even better are the sloganes that she could use to promote her brand new bustle. We can now see it: Stewart finessed its free Wix site with a number of potential business headlines, such as: “It is about to be lit (flambés and parties)”; “Welcome to Martha’s Vinylyard”; “She organizes perfect dinners – and also runs after-parties”; “Set the table and then the dance floor.” (Alright I stop!)

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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