Meet Hertha! Berlin zoo unveils name of latest polar bear cub

The Tierpark zoo in Berlin has revealed the long-awaited name of its new star attraction, a 4-month-old polar bear cub.

Hertha, born on December 1, is named after the top club of the German capital of the same name, which sponsors the animal.

The club’s mascot – a brown bear – presented a ball with the name of the cub at the zoo on Tuesday. Then mother, Tonja and daughter walked to the space to come to the delight of the collected photographers.

Hertha played ball for the cameras, literally, before he accidentally kicked the deep end of the canal. Tonja brought the ball back in a representation of mother love.

The last famous polar bear in Berlin, Knut, died prematurely in 2011 at the age of 4 due to illness. Several born cubs did not reach their adult age.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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