Meghan Markle and Prince Harry arrive in Africa with baby Archie

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry arrive in Africa with baby Archie

Let the royal tour begin!

For the first time as a family of three, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have officially embarked on their planned 10-day tour of Africa with their newborn son, Archie Harrison, in tow. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived at Cape Town International Airport on Monday morning via a delayed commercial flight from British Airways. As is the case with bustling royal voyages, it wasn’t long before the couple were on their way to their first engagement of the day, while their son remained in the care of a babysitter.

The husband and wife headed for the Nyanga Municipality, where they were greeted by a crowd of locals and school children. In addition to the lovely meeting of young people, the two were also photographed dancing with artists in traditional costumes. Judging by the big smile on the new mother’s face, the journey began very happily.

With a sold-out Malawi-made black and white wrap dress from Mayamiko, black wedge-shaped espadrilles and a beaded bracelet that was red “JUSTICE”, the duchess addressed the crowd amid recent violence against women.

“We just spent some time seeing all the incredible work that the Justice Desk is doing and of course all great women and the men who are here to help you, Mbokodo, you are incredible and what you do is so powerful because you are all powerful. The work being done here is to keep women and children safer, which is needed now more than ever.This is a matter that has been in the minds of people here in South Africa, and of course everywhere world wide, especially in the past month, “she told the crowd, including young members of a local empowerment program and project from the Justice Desk.

“Please know that my husband and I have closely followed what you have experienced here, as far as we can from far. But now that we are with you, we would like to get to know the work that you get to know first hand and see how it works the doing, the vital work that you do, and that everything that is done in the field brings about the great change that you not only need but also deserve. “

She also pointed out that “the rights of women and girls are very close to me, and that I have been arguing for most of my life for advocacy, because I know that when women are competent, the entire community thrives.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry arrive in Africa with baby Archie

Meghan Markle praised the women and shared powerful words and told them: “Now I know it’s not easy and I know that sometimes it must be insurmountable, but your dedication to the good gives us all hope, especially your brothers and sisters here in you community you need to keep your light shining bright Your dedication is inspiring, it energizes and it is extraordinary You have to go on, you have to know that what you are doing is not only important, it is vital because you are vital are “

When she closed her remarks, the royal also ended on a personal note. “May I just say that while I am here with my husband as a member of the royal family, I want you to know that I am here for you as a mother, as a woman, as a woman, as a woman of color and as your sister. I am here with you and I am here for you and I thank you very much for showing my husband and I the spirit of Ubuntu and I look forward to our time in the coming days together. “

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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