Meghan Markle Fuels Speculation She’s Having Twins With a Comment She Made in Morocco

There is a lot of speculation about Meghan Markle and her pregnancy as her due date comes closer, and besides wondering if Meghan has a boy or girl, the idea that she has two royal babies has also been thrown around. And after a video from ITV News appeared on Twitter, fans are convinced that Meghan has twins – based on a small comment she made. We are not sure if this comment really means anything, but if she and Prince Harry eventually bring two babies home from the hospital, do not be surprised!

Meghan Markle talks to a chef she met in Morocco, and he wants her to come back with the ‘babies’ and she says she will bring the ‘whole family next time’.

Apparently people take that to mean that she is pregnant with twins – and they let their opinions become known on Twitter.

This person does not only think that it means twins, but they think it’s a boy and a girl.

There is a very good chance that this chef has just said “babies” as in all babies that Harry and Meghan can have in the future – not that Meghan has several babies this year. But we can not help but ask ourselves .

Seriously, people are fixated on this “baby’s” thing.

And others think that Meghan might have twins because of her hump size.

Can we give the lady a break? All women wear differently, and she approaches the end of her pregnancy. Has not everyone at this time given enough fainting kisses about her hump (and if she touches it)?

It would be super exciting if Meghan had twins, but at the moment she has not given us any real confirmation as to whether that is the case.

I think we just have to wait and see what happens – but from now on we are pretty sure that she is expecting a singleton. That is still very exciting! One baby is a huge adaptation as it is, and she and Harry will certainly have their hands full.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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