Meghan Markle pregnant? Meghan could be pregnant with second baby as major clue revealed

Meghan Markle and husband Prince Harry only became parents a few months ago when they welcomed son Archie Harrison into the world. But is Meghan pregnant again?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcomed baby boy Archie Harrison a few months ago and became parents for the first time. Little Archie was born on May 6 and still enjoys quality time with his mother, who is still on maternity leave. However, the young toddler may not be the only child for a long time, because an important clue has suggested that the Duchess of Sussex could soon become pregnant again – if she did not expect this.

Whether or not a second baby is on the radar has yet to be announced, but a royal author revealed an important indication that Meghan wanted to have another child.

Royal author Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight that Prince Harry and Markle “love parenthood” and soon want to give Archie a brother or sister.

She said, “I think it’s probably a bit premature to talk about a second baby.

“That said, sources close to the couple told me they really want to have a large family.”

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Mrs. Nicholl noted that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are “great parents” for Archie.

The author said, “They absolutely want brothers and sisters for Archie, so maybe we will have a pregnancy announcement for Meghan and Harry sometime next year.”

But according to royal gamblers, the royal couple could announce a second pregnancy as early as this year.

Betting company Ladbrokes says a stream of betting has come in suggesting that Prince Harry and Meghan could announce a new pregnancy at the end of 2019.

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The bookmakers note that Meghan has reportedly suggested that she want to add something to her family.

Because of this, Ladbrokes lowered the chance from 8/1 to just 3/1 for the happy couple making an announcement for baby number two before the year is over.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “Harry and Meghan are clearly not messing around and if the last chances are something to follow, the couple could add to their family next year.”

This is when Meghan and Prince Harry want to keep their firstborn son out of public interest.

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Ms. Nicholl told the publication: “I think the couple is determined for Archie to lead a life that is as normal as possible.

“You must not forget that Prince Harry grew up in the spotlight, never far away from the gaze of the camera.

“And at points in his life that have been something, he hates.”

The couple recently opted for a private baptism for Archie, which took place on July 6 at Windsor Castle.

The decision to keep Archie completely out of the spotlight has led to questions about the visibility of the royal family.

The earlier views on public access to royal events seem to have been abandoned by Meghan and Harry – who are determined to do things their own way.

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