Meghan Markle pregnant: Why Meghan won’t have another baby until 2021

Meghan Markle has been overwhelmed by pregnancy speculation in recent weeks after a royal commentator claimed that she and Harry could soon announce more baby news. However, the duchess did not have another baby until 2021, claims a pregnancy expert.

New parents Meghan Markle (37) and Prince Harry (34) have their hands full with baby Archie Harrison. The Royal Tot is only two months old, so royal fans have a huge amount of time to enjoy pictures of the sweet little baby. But some cannot wait for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to add to their offspring.

Royal viewers were sent in frenzy after a royal commentator suggested that they could announce a second pregnancy after their autumn trip in South Africa.

Earlier this month, Royal author Katie Nicholl Entertainment told Tonight: “I think it’s probably a bit premature to talk about a second baby.

“That said, sources close to the couple told me they would really like to have a large family.”

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She continued: “They absolutely want brothers and sisters for Archie, so maybe next year we will have a pregnancy announcement for Meghan and Harry.”

Although royal viewers would be happy with more baby news next year, a pregnancy expert said Meghan and Harry are likely to wait at least two years for them to try again.

Midwife Nabila Fowles-Gutierrez told “Although most women nowadays plan their pregnancy to stay at least two years between them, there are some women who are pregnant faster than that, either by accident (unplanned pregnancy) or by choosing to avoid contraception for personal or religious reasons between pregnancies.

“This is a personal choice, but not one that I would necessarily recommend.”

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Why getting pregnant again soon after giving birth is not recommended

According to Ms. Fowles-Gutierrez, official obstetric guidelines encourage mothers to wait two years before attempting a new pregnancy.

She said: “The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends taking a two-year distance between a subsequent pregnancy.

“Research shows that women who become pregnant within 6 months of delivery have a 70% higher risk of premature birth than women who keep their babies between 18 and 23 months.”

She continued: “While I sometimes saw women in my clinics who were pregnant very soon after giving birth, this is not something to recommend as a whole.

“I would advise women to take postnatal precautions to be able to make a decision about when to have another baby.

“We live in a country that offers free contraception to everyone, and that is why women are able to make choices about their bodies, unlike women in other parts of the world, who don’t necessarily have the choice to spread pregnancies.”

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She added that due to Meghan’s age, she may feel under pressure to try for a different baby rather than young mothers.

Mrs. Fowles-Gutierrez said: “Women, such as Meghan, who is approaching 40, may feel pressured to leave larger openings between babies.

“That is understandable because pregnancy over 40 years can be considered a high risk.

“However, I would still not recommend or argue for leaving a gap of less than 12 months between babies.

“Both mothers and babies need time and recovery after birth, and less than 12 months between pregnancies give hardly any chance of bonding. The physical impact is only one element. “

She said that mental health was another aspect to take into account when trying for another child.

Mrs Fowles-Gutierrez continued: “I would also be concerned about the impact on mothers’ mental health with pregnancy spikes and postnatal hormones so close together.

“My recommendation would be to wait at least 18 to 24 months between pregnancies whenever possible.”

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