Meghan Markle selfie-snapper says he had ‘no idea she was there’

A self-snapper from Wimbledon, accused of invading the privacy of the Duchess of Sussex, told The Sun: “I had no idea she was there!”

Tennis fan Hasan Hasanov, 58, was warned when he took a picture of the line in front of Meghan’s VIP seat.

Meghan Markle selfie-snapper says he had ‘no idea she was there’

But the oil and gas safety engineer just took a selfie on his iPhone with the players in the background and was stunned to be asked by a caretaker: “Please give them privacy.”

Hasan, who was in line from 5 pm and paid £ 25 for his Court A chair, said he didn’t know the Duchess was there and thought the bodyguard asked him not to photograph the players with their shirts off.

He said, “Frankly, I didn’t care much to take a picture of Meghan, Harry, or one of the royals – and if I did, I’d ask first. I was much more interested in getting a video from Roger Federer in action. “

Meghan’s new mother’s bizarre image ban came when she looked at Serena Williams with two friends last week.

It made front page news in The Sun and aroused anger about its surly attitude towards royal fans.

Born in Azerbaijan, Hasan was photographed by her bodyguard but was unaware of his brush of royalty because he had left the country for a vacation in Switzerland.

Hasan, from Wallington, South London, only found out when his daughter sent him a snapshot of the front page of The Sun.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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