Meghan Markle weight loss: Duchess uses this diet ‘philosophy’ to maintain thin frame

Meghan Markle , 37, is a new mother to Archie Harrison, her first child with Prince Harry. In the past, the Duchess has sung how she reaches her supple frame, so what diet does she follow?

The Meghan Markle diet is the subject of many intrigues, because most of them cannot help but notice the healthy context and the timeless glow of the former actress.

After having just had her first child, Meghan looks healthy and has always done so throughout her career.

Now, as a member of the royal family, Meghan does not talk to the press like an actress she did, and she often addressed her.

Moreover, she constantly wrote about herself and her lifestyle before meeting the prince on her website The Tig, which is now closed.

Meghan Markle weight loss: Duchess uses this diet ‘philosophy’ to maintain thin frame

Healthy juices and smoothies are a big part of the diet of the former actress, she has previously revealed.

Meghan told the Delish magazine in an interview before she was linked to Prince Harry: “Green juice is a philosophy for food as medicine.

“I think drinking coffee or stuff like that will only hurt you in the end.”

So what does Meghan drink instead of coffee for an energy boost? She has praised green juice and kombucha.

She added that they are “a really good natural energy source … that ends up in your system as a nice boost.”

In another interview with Today, she repeated her love for the green drink.

“When I mix some apple, kale, spinach, lemon and ginger in my Vitamix in the morning and put it to work, I always like that, which is a much better incentive than a cup of espresso … the end of the bye, your body will thank you for feeding with so much fresh goodness. “

Meghan has also revealed that she eats vegan during the week, but embraces animal products on the weekend.

Like most LA residents, Meghan also spoils yoga. She has been photographed several times and has worn her yoga mat in the past.

She also wrote on her blog The Tig that her mother is a yoga teacher and that the couple likes to do the Eastern exercise together.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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