Meghan Markle’s Wedding Facialist Sarah Chapman Shares Her Bridal Skincare Tips

Meghan Markle redefined bridal beauty with her glowing, freckled complexion and minimal makeup at her royal wedding last year, and now we have a better sense of skin care preparation that went to make sure she was #flawless before the big day.

Earlier this month, the hero makeup artist of the Duchess of Sussex, Daniel Martin, announced that the then-to-be royal with the celebrity esthetician Sarah Chapman to keep her skin in top shape. It turned out the former Suits actress had an appointment with Chapman the day before her 2018 wedding, and at a NET-A-PORTER beauty event in NYC on Wednesday, April 24, the London-based facialist spilled her beauty secrets – including why she thinks that treatments at the very last minute are so important.

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“We do a lot of pre-wedding skin routines and regimes,” she said from her Sarah Chapman Skines Clinic in London’s Chelsea district. “There are many different things that we are dealing with, and it is about getting that clean, dewy, youthful-looking and very shiny skin.”

The facialist, who also has her own line of skin care products, explained that she started working with brides about six months before the big day, so there is plenty of time to “understand” and “change” the skin.

“We are working a lot to strengthen the skin and structure well,” she explained. “[We are] able to peel, but not in an aggressive manner. We want the skin to be this very nice balance. We do part of the work at the beginning and come out again … and work then really until the wedding. “

While she and her staff start seeing wedding clients every four weeks, the frequency of appointments for the big day increases. She has a “10-day kit” which she calls “Radiance Recharge,” and contains hydrators and glow boosters such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and micro-peels that make the skin look “incredible.”

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In the last hours before the big day, Chapman believes in a final treatment (à la Martin said she gave Duchess Meghan) for the ultimate appearance.

“I would give a facial the day before or the night before a wedding,” she said, admitting most people were surprised by the tactics. “It’s the same with photo shoots. It’s the same with TV appearances. We work until the day before the wedding or event because we will get that incredible shine.”

Chapman explained that the final appointment is “very different” from what would be done, say, the week before a wedding or special event. “We really do a lot of massage – use a lot of oils, lots of serums, vitamin C – and make the skin look good so that you have a juicy appearance on the skin.”

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Given that the duchess resembled a goddess on her wedding day, there is clearly something special about the last-minute technique, but for those of us who are not # blessed with a skin professional like Chapman, she has an important tip for at – home care: invest in a serum that reflects your current skin problems.

“It’s about using your own information about your skin and assessing what’s going on at the time, and putting a serum in your routine that loads super with what you do every day,” she said. “What you are looking for today is different from what you are looking for in four months’ time if the weather is different or you are stressed.”

In short, the more work you are willing to use to find out what your complexion needs at a given moment, the better the results will be.

“It’s about empowering yourself to be in charge of your skin,” she decided, “and using a serum that will change your skin at that time to give you the best look and results you can get. ” Noted.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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