Melania Trump: First Lady surges in popularity as new poll reveals Hillary Clinton plummet

The popularity of MELANIA TRUMP has risen in a new YouGov poll, while making huge profits like the costs of the former First Lady Hillary Clinton.

The First Lady has been voted the third most admired in America this year. The wife of US President Donald Trump jumped in seven places to receive the third best title behind former First Lady Michelle Obama and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court judge. Hillary Clinton dropped four places and came in as the eighth most admired from the list of 10.

Melania has recently faced a setback after singing in the Trump MAGA rally in North Carolina.

The song, “send her back”, focused on IIhan Omar, was blown by Trump supporters.

After Trump condemned the song, cruel Twitter users changed it on Melania, born in Slovenia.

The comment has since escalated when Michelle was voted “most admired” over Melania Trump.

 Melania Trump Hillary Clinton
Melania Trump Hillary Clinton

A Twitter user said: “The difference is that Michelle Obama is not a prospector.”

Another addition: “Melania, you need a new slogan. Be Best has not made you the most admired woman in the US, certainly not the world will keep the words” Be Best “and leave actions behind or admit you lying. “

A third said: “Donald must send Melania Trump and her parents back to Slovenia.

“She is an illegal FLOTUS! Citizenship is doomed.”

 Melania Trump Hillary Clinton
Melania Trump Hillary Clinton

After the hymns, Trump said, “I wasn’t happy with it. I don’t agree.”

The criticism comes after the president has sent four Democratic congress women of two-color “why don’t they go back to help solve the totally broken and crime-damaged places they came from.”

Democrat, Al Green, led an disapproving vote against Trump in the US House of Representatives.

The House voted 332 to 95 to set the measure aside.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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