Michelle Obama’s advice to Meghan Markle

If there is anyone on this planet who is able to tell what Meghan Markle is going through, then it is former First Lady Michelle Obama. When President Barack Obama decided to fill his post in 2007, he was a relatively unknown senator and Mrs. Obama was a private individual and mother of two young girls. The moment the candidacy of the Harvard alum was announced, the life of Mrs. Obama changed. She could no longer live her life quietly in Chicago. Instead, she was pushed onto the scene of the world. From that moment on everything, from her figure to her speech to her clothing style, was examined up to an inch of his life. The racist trolls that came before her were also something else that she had to contend with.

Similarly, it seems that the Duchess of Sussex had no idea what she stood for. Although she was relatively well-known for her role in the mega-popular series Suits, marrying Prince Harry and joining the royal family as an American and a woman of color has been a whirlwind – and it was not easy.

Meghan Markle is struggling in the spotlight

Although she has treated her new title with balance and grace, Markle has not found it easy to tackle the politics of being royal. The British gossip magazines were mainly cruel and racist and criticized the former actress for literally breathing.

As a new mother and newlywed, this has all taken its toll on Meghan Markle. In a new IGTV documentary, Harry And Meghan: An African Journey, the duchess became vulnerable and revealed that she is actually “not OK” in the aftermath of the relentless media storm. This revelation has caused a literal frenzy – especially after Prince Harry became frank about his tense relationship with his older brother, Prince William.

But could all this have been prevented if Markle had listened to some advice that Michelle Obama had given her?

Michelle Obama’s advice to Meghan Markle

Michelle Obama and Meghan Markle have become good friends and according to a royal expert the more experienced public figure Meghan Markle has given good advice. A royal expert told Sky News,

Michelle Obama told the press that she had a long conversation with Meghan – they would become friends – and she said to her: “For God’s sake, do nothing in the first year. Listen, take advice, take it easy. “

Meghan Markle, however, is a go-getter and from the moment she and Prince Harry were engaged, she was super active in defining her new royal role and speaking for herself. The expert explained:

Meghan said she wants to get started right away. I think that was a mistake – she didn’t understand what it’s like to be a member of the royal family. That is very important to her. “

Did Meghan Markle make a mistake by not heeding Michelle Obama’s advice?

We know for sure that Meghan Markle respects Mrs. Obama and she listened to what she had to say. However, we are also sure that she had never expected so much recoil and dishonesty from the press.

It is clear that the British royal family as a whole has welcomed Markle into the herd – but no one can prepare you for what life in a fishbowl will actually look like. Meghan’s former agent Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne told Express UK – that Meghan Markle was naive about what she started. She revealed

I spoke to Meghan about the British media and it was clear that she did not know what to get involved with. She was naive. This is the end of your normal life, the end of your privacy, everything.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been married for just over a year, so this is all very new. Hopefully the public will adjust over time and the Sussex can continue to behave royal. We must not forget that this is not an easy position for anyone. The late Princess Diana and Kate Middleton also suffered from the weight of the crown.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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