Milo Ventimiglia leaves ‘This Is Us’ fans confused

Milo Ventimiglia leaves ‘This Is Us’ fans confused

Milo Ventimiglia may be taking a step back from NBC’s hit drama, This Is Us. The actor, who has been playing Jack Pearson for the past four seasons, recently teased that fans are seeing his character less and less now that his death is complete. Although Ventimiglia may appear less on This Is Us, he is taking a step forward in another department.

Ventimiglia dishes on his future on ‘This Is Us’

Jack’s death was an important storyline in the first three seasons of This Is Us. Now that we have reached Jack’s death, the remaining characters in season 4 have had the focus. With the plot ahead, Ventimiglia teased that fans might see his character less and less in the coming seasons.

“Maybe that’s a possibility,” Ventimiglia shared after being asked if his character was taking a step back.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ventimiglia added that Jack will never be completely absent from the show because everything his children experience has a kind of connection with their past.

No matter what happens in their lives, there are always flashbacks with Jack.

Milo Ventimiglia has even revealed that his character will appear at least until season 6. And when the story goes outside of Jack’s journey, he will be happy to sit in the back and let the other characters shine.

Milo Ventimiglia obviously has a lot on his plate if he doesn’t appear in front of the cameras, including his new role as a director.

The actor has accompanied an episode in season 4 of This Is Us and recently told what it was like to direct under maker Dan Fogelman.

In short, Milo Ventimiglia absolutely loved it.

Jack Pearson steps behind the camera

Ventimiglia directed the fifth episode this season, entitled “Storybook Love.” In the episode, two earlier plots were explored, while three storylines were followed in the present time.

Juggling five different stories proved a challenge for Ventimiglia, who wanted to give fans the feeling that they were watching another great episode of This Is Us.

Fortunately this was not the first time that Ventimiglia was in the director’s chair. He once directed a commercial for WB Network together with a web series.

But none of his earlier work compared to helping an episode of This Is Us. To make matters even more difficult, Ventimiglia is more passionate about producing than directing and he is proud of putting together a good team for a certain project.

Despite these obstacles, Ventimiglia has done a great job with the episode and is looking forward to more control options in the future.

If the character of Ventimiglia falls behind in other storylines, his wish may come true as the story develops.

In fact, we could see his name appearing more and more on the control side of things, which would not be a bad thing at all.

Milo Ventimiglia leaves ‘This Is Us’ fans confused

The end of the Ventimiglia episode left many fans wondering what Kate could expect (Chrissy Metz).

In the final scenes of the episode, Kate and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) were shown looking through old polaroids that were taken when the children were only 18 years old. The mother and daughter were messing around happily until one of the photos stopped them.

The photo contained Kate and her friend, Marc, and the subsequent conversation had fans who claimed she may have suffered in an abuse relationship. The scene was one of the many emotional in the episode and Ventimiglia revealed that he had long tried to get them just right.

He also explained how the mysterious end of the episode was intentional and that he wanted viewers to wonder what had just happened.

“Oh my God, Kate at the end,” he said. “We need the audience to ask,” What happened? “

Ventimiglia then dropped a huge spoiler by confirming that Kate actually had an offensive relationship with her boyfriend. We don’t know where the show will take that storyline, but we’re sure it will be a new shocking journey.

In the meantime, we can’t wait to see Ventimiglia directing a new episode, although that may not happen until next season.

New episodes of This Is Us Air on NBC on Tuesday evening.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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